Ben Swann Announced As A Speaker At Anarchapulco 2018


We’re very excited to announce that Ben Swann will be speaking at this year’s Anarchapulco!

Ben Swann is an American television news anchor and investigative journalist. While at Fox affiliate WXIX-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio, he began producing a fact-checking series entitled “Reality Check”, which has garnered media attention for questioning widely accepted narratives on high-profile controversies such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, and an alleged link between vaccines and autism.

After leaving WXIX-TV in 2013, Swann regularly appeared on RT America, part of the Russian state-owned TV network RT, while independently continuing to produce his show “Reality Check”. In June 2015, Swann left RT America to join CBS affiliate WGCL-TV in Atlanta, Georgia as chief evening news anchor.

If you wanted to come to Anarchapulco, but weren’t able to get a ticket to sit inside, you could purchase a live stream pass here and watch the entire event from your laptop or tablet underneath a nearby palapa.

Or maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone selling their ticket in the aftermarket here:

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