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Freedom and Healing Through Expression: Why All Artists are Anarchists


When most of us were children, we were told that only certain subjects that others deemed important were of value. In school we learned that art, music, dance, theater and other creative pursuits were not something to take seriously. The way art and music were taught to us limited our creative expression. We had to do what we were told, and create in the mediums that we were told to. We had to sing the national anthem and other patriotic songs in music class, or be punished. It is stunningly obvious that the agenda was never to inspire our creativity, but to learn to worship the State.

usic and art were tools to deepen our subservience in school, yet free, creative expression was seen as frivolous and unproductive in the eyes of traditional education and government. Most of us came away damaged from that experience, thinking we were not creative because we were constantly judged, compared and penalized for creating outside the imposed lines.

In reality, creativity is threatening to those who wish to rule us. Creative expression has been shown to heal past trauma and to help us form a positive, confident personal identity. Playing music, singing and dancing have been shown to boost psychological well-being, improve cognitive functioning and decrease depression. Artistic expression in various forms has even been shown to improve our immune system. These benefits are bad news for a society that benefits from keeping us sick, stupid, sad and scared.


In short,
creativity assists in an individual's ability to escape the Matrix. It wakes up parts of our brains that have been slowly conditioned to take orders and silence our intuition. For these reasons, we are offering many outlets for creative expression at Anarchapulco 2019. Our Creative Rebel Center will feature four spaces to explore your creative side. We hope to further awaken and ready your mind for deep and powerful learning at the event.

Our creativity spaces will feature inspirational talks from artists who have walked their own paths to freedom, despite society trying to hold them back in their purpose. We will have hands-on artistic experiences where you can learn to paint, use pastels, clay and other mediums of self-expression. There will even be some local artists sharing Mexican crafts for you to make yourself. In our creativity space we will also have musical instruments available for impromptu jam sessions. Poetry and writing workshops will be offered as well.

In our Creative Nutrition space, we will have ways to upgrade your awareness about real foods and you will see chefs and food enthusiasts playing with food in friendly competitions and presentations. In the Revolution Tattoo Studio you can adorn your body and celebrate your individuality. On the patio of the Creative Rebel Center, there will be collaborative art pieces and that will evolve every day of the event to express our collective consciousness and intention for freedom, as a whole. I can’t wait to see what we create together!

Throughout the property of the Princess Resort, we will have various artistic spaces and expressions. In order for these spaces and experiences to be the best that they can be, we need you! We still have a few spaces to offer the artists in our community to help create art installations representing freedom, peace and unchaining life. Please reach out to me and let me know if you’d like to be considered to create a unique piece of art and be seen by 3,000+ anarchists who will get to know you and your work. The spaces are limited and will fill up quickly, so connect with me HERE as soon as you can!


Creative performers and dancers will contribute to our festival component of the event this year. We’d like to invite our Tribe to participate if you have crazy or creative talents that you’d like to share. Our hope is to have our community build this activation together to deepen our experience and strengthen the integrity of the event as a whole.

Some types of performers we are looking for:

- Drummers for our drum circles
- Fire twirlers and fire dancers
- Hoopers
- Acrobats
- Magicians
- Stilt walkers
- Illusionists
- Festival performers with various talents

What we are taking on this year is an enormous endeavour! We know that our Anarchapulco community has many talents, passions and inner-purpose as pioneers on the forefront of positive change. It’s hard to believe that in only four short months, 3,000 of the most influential people on the planet will be together, co-creating the most dynamic consciousness-raising freedom event that the world has ever seen.

At Anarchapulco 2019, Your Creativity Will Be Celebrated!

Peace, Love and Anarchy,

Dayna Martin, Community Producer
And The Anarchapulco Team


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