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 How To Unchain your Brain Maximize your Cognition - Feb 17


About the workshop:

Think back to a day when you felt “on”: high-energy, in the zone, with your brain functioning at its best. What if you could feel like that every day? With the right knowledge, you can.

In this workshop we’ll cover:
- nutrition for brain optimization
- how to prime your brain for both neuroplasticity and neurogenesis
- the truth about “smart drugs”
- how to account for the brain-gut, brain-immune, brain-thyroid connections and others

Check out this workshop for an in-depth and realistic look at how to combine cutting-edge science and underground technology to make the most of your intelligence.

In order to keep the workshop intimate and interactive, space is limited, so register now to secure your spot.



Date: February 17th

Start Time: 1:00pm

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ANARCHAWAKEN STAGE, Princessa 1&2

Max Tickets Available: 25


About your host, Arielle Friedman:

Arielle has a degree in Cognitive Systems, works in biotech, and has published dozens of articles on science and health. She’s spent the past eighteen months studying cognitive enhancement, and has researched well beyond the usual “101” topics.

Arielle is up-to-date with cutting-edge breakthroughs in Neuroscience, and is constantly updating her models to keep pace with changes in the field. She's a big believer in cross-disciplinary thinking, and approaches these topics in a fresh and unique way. The tools discussed here are part of a novel approach to brain science which you won't find anywhere else.

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