new jag and snake

Amazon Ceremony: The Snake and Jaguar Feb 13th-14th: $300


Day 1: Two Snakes Ceremony - Culebra-huasca (putumayo snake yahé)
Day 2- Jaguar Vision- Orinoco Epená (Theiodora 5-MeO Shamanic Snuff)

Starts Feb 13 at dusk, finishes Feb 14 before midnight.

The spirits of the two snakes are transmitted through two different kinds of herbal admixtures. One with a much longer effect, deep and precise, similar to the first snake yahé we experienced at anarchapulco; the second with a shorter length, unblocking and releasing, similar to the tiger yahé experienced the second time. The long snake will be transmitted once and the second will be transmitted twice with the opportunity to make a full journey, rest on the long snake's back, and then journey again for further insight.

Epená, traditionally known as "semen of the sun" is the treasure of amazonian medicine. It's name is new to western knowledge, just as the amazonian drink was twenty years ago. The kind of meta-understanding and non-dual insight derived from the jaguar eyes is unique.

As usual, a health questionnaire and dietary recommendations will be sent a couple of weeks before ceremony.
Special requests for gentler introductory experiences will always be considered but it is recommended to stay for the two days of ceremony.