Arielle Friedman

Arielle is a writer and ruminator based in Mexico. Obsessions of the moment include: totalitarianism, psychedelics/drugs/medicines, the real deal with carbon, and decadent literature.

Dinner at Zibu's: A Night to Remember!

As part of our Anarchapulco nightlife, we’re offering a very special dinner party. On Tuesday February 15th, we’ll be hosting dinner at Zibu’s, a high-end Acapulco restaurant. Pull out your best suits and your fanciest dresses: at Zibu’s, we’re dining in style. Zibu’s is decorated in a beautiful treehouse style, and overlooks Acapulco Bay (many …

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Dr. Ben Tapper and the "Disinformation Dozen"

We’ve got two pieces of big news. Check out this debate from Anarchapulco 2021 with Ben Tapper and Isaac Lindenberger One: Dr. Ben Tapper will be joining us once again to speak at Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable!Two: Dr. Tapper has been labelled as one of the “Disinformation Dozen” by the so-called “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH). The “Disinformation …

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Conversations in Anarchy is BACK!

We’ve been spending the year figuring out how to make this Anarchapulco the best yet: with epic speakers, delicious food and a beautiful venue, all set in a lush tropical paradise.But there was one feedback we got over and over. You wanted Conversations in Anarchy.That’s why, this Sunday, we’re bringing back Conversations in Anarchy, Anarchapulco’s official …

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