Becca Tzigany | Anarchapulco | Breathing Our Connections into the New Earth

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“Becca Tzigany is a mother, poet, environmentalist, and sacred activist. As author of Venus and Her Lover – Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves, she presents at conferences and gives workshops to inspire people to claim their sovereignty through mastery of their own energy. She and artist James Bertrand collaborated on Venus and Her Lover, a Tantric art project that led them to live/create in over a dozen countries, over 20 years. Becca lives in Ecuador, where she works as a Transformational Breathwork therapist, Crone Counselor, doula, cultural translator, mediator, and Ecstatic Dance facilitator. Like many anarchists, she believes that now is our chance to co-create the New Earth. Becca shows up with support to help people rejuvenate, communicate, collaborate, and celebrate.

ANARCHAPULCO: “Breathing Our Connections into the New Earth”

Becca can be found at:
Instagram: @YabYumArt
Facebook: Venus and Her Lover
Twitter: @venusanherlover