Catherine (Bleish) Bonandin | Anarchapulco | Authentic Anarchy – Walking the Walk

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Catherine has been moving and shaking in the liberty movement since the Ron Paul 2008 campaign. As a delegate to the RNC she learned very quickly that the system is rigged. That realization lead her to state, city and eventually police accountability and cryptocurrency activism. She was banned from multiple Bitcoin meetups for promoting “altcoins” before the crypto economy had expanded so greatly, and tested the bitcoin infrastructure as an early adopter traveling the US coast to coast, border to border, using bitcoin only. Catherine has lived in the Bitcoin Bus tiny house on wheels for nearly 6 years and has raised her children to know gardening, travel and entrepreneurship. Her journey into motherhood taught her that freedom is not something you can demand from others, it is something that comes from within. She is the founding mother of The Homestead Guru, a collective of alternative lifestyle storytellers. Catherine is a 500 hr certified yoga teacher and enjoys planning transformational experiences for like minded friends and family. She is this year’s producer of Anarchapulco and has been involved with the event since February 2018 when she gave a talk on unschooling.

ANARCHAPULCO: Authentic Anarchy – Walking the Walk