David James Rodriguez | Anarchapulco | GATTO: Getting All of The Thinkers Out…of Forced Schooling

David James Rodriguez is a man who loves people, freedom, peace and fun. And much more.

He is the creator of the GATTO Project which aims to “”Get All The Thinkers Out Of (forced schools)”” so they may find their life passions and joy of learning.

Also, he founded the Education Options Expo, and Education Options TV, where he has introduced 1,000’s of parent to respectful schools and approaches to learning, and interviewed world leaders who are demonstrating the future of education today.

Mr. Rodriguez is the Founding Principal of Valor Academy, which is a private school that empowers students to pursue their own interests and passions using accelerated graduations and apprenticeship. Also, he is a homeschool coach for parents transitioning from public school to homeschooling.

He is the author of the upcoming book, The Apprenticeship: How to Get a Real Education and Solve the Crisis of Public Schooling Using an Affordable, Proven Method.

In addition, he is the publisher of The Underground History of American Education: Volume 1 by the world-renowned schoolteacher, John Taylor Gatto, while 2 more volumes are forthcoming.

After selling his business at age 26, he moved to South Korea where he taught English at a high-performance high school. His business background includes work in the fields of insurance, biotechnology, and dentistry.

He was born and raised in California, where he attended public school. He received a business degree from San Jose State University.

ANARCHAPULCO: GATTO: Getting All of The Thinkers Out…of Forced Schooling

Find him on the web at GATTOproject.com – IG: theDavidJamesRodriguez or DavidJamesRodriguez.com