Dr. Nirdosh Kohra | Anarchapulco & Anarchovid | Medicine has expired

“Nirdosh was born in Mexico City, graduated as a Medical Doctor and took of on a life journey through India, Tibet, Europe, USA, central and South America to find the way to bridge Western and Eastern Medicine.

Through 2 decades of intense self exploration with all kinds of therapeutic techniques, traditional medicines, meditation, detoxing and more, he finally found the key element to bridge Conventional Allopathic Medicine, all the so-called alternative approaches and meditation in a totally new vision of health, what he calls the New Health paradigm, Bodhi Medicine.

He is known to bring immense clarity to people, helping them understand the intimate connection between the mind, emotions, body and the environment and what is the precise meaning of any symptom in the body.

He is a world renowned speaker, therapist and Meditation instructor.

Co-Founder of Path of Meditation (2006)
Founder of Bodhi Medicine / Conscious Medicine Institute (2015)
He offers Zen Meditation retreats, Active Meditation trainings, Bodhi Medicine / Conscious Medicine trainings and runs an Integrative Medical practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and other places of Europe and Asia.

ANARCHOVID: Medicine has expired

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