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With Amin Rafiee Feb 17


About the workshop:

As we draw closer to an era where we are no longer bound by centralised rules dictating how our societies should function, we are in deep need of tools. Tools that can align with our cause so that we can regain our liberties.

Our societies have been built from the top-down. Enforcements branching out with no care about how it would affect the people who must pay dearly for its fruits. But what if we were to re-organise and allow our tools to be built from the bottom up. What good is regulation when the idea of such tools was to overcome limitations within our societies? Can we self-organise and learn from our mistakes or must we wait for the self-proclaimed guardians to show us the way?

We are all capable of assessing our needs, we are all capable of building a world shaped by those who live in it, rather than those who can enjoy the privileged seats assigned to them. Regulations are pushing to create boundaries for us to play in. Like obsessive parents, we are being told to play within their limited scope of vision. Like the rules they had assigned to us had done us any good thus far. The failure to see and acknowledge this has been the root cause of despair. We are no longer looking for guidance, we seek something much greater. A sign of hope not built by fortune tellers, but by those who have all of humanity in mind.

Join me in this workshop to learn how you can overcome your mental and digital boundaries. Step away from the box and live within your own space, driven by passion and excitement, with freedom in mind.



Date: February 17th

Start Time: 2:00pm

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: CRYPTO STAGE, Diamante 1


About your host, Amin Rafiee:

A regular speaker at Bitcoin and decentralization conferences throughout Europe and Australia, Amin has been helping share the truth, freedom, and choice that Bitcoin and other decentralized systems have to offer since 2013. An example of this was through BITNATION’s refugee aid that won two awards (including the Grand Prix) at the UNESCO house in Paris during the Nexplo 2017 forum.

An advocate of privacy, P2P economies and decentralization in an otherwise centralized world. Amin is currently working with the 1M5 project. A protocol seeking to provide anonymous uncensored communication by routing messages and communication through Tor, I2P and meshing networks. This protocol is currently being developed to be used by Inkrypt for journalists.

Always looking to push the boundaries of our existence, whether through technology or not. Amin has through cold-exposure training submerged himself in a frozen lake for 7 minutes, completed a 7 day water fast and through strength training successfully deadlifted 130 kg – twice his body weight, as a vegan, without supplements.

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