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Powering Up for the Long Game Feb 17


About the workshop:

Anarchists have a lot of work to do to create a more peaceful, freedom-filled world. And, there aren’t many of us! We need to do what we can to live a long, productive life for the cause, our loved ones, and, most importantly, ourselves!

Having lost 50 pounds and found the fountain of youth, Gina Carr will share the evidence-based secrets she has learned to help you live into triple digits with vigor and joy.

We are all going to die. Let’s just make sure it isn’t our own damn fault!

You will walk away from this interactive, hands on workshop with a step-by-step plan to power up YOUR life - based on YOUR goals and values.



Date: February 17th

Start Time: 4:15pm

Worskhop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ADVOCACY STAGE, Princesa 4

Max Tickets Available: 500


About your host, Gina Carr:

Having lost over 50 pounds from evidence-based living, Gina Carr’s passion is fueled by her knowledge that she will never have a weight problem again and the discovery that plant-based eating might have saved her teenage son from suicidal depression. In addition to the gift of “permanent” weight loss, plants have given her the ability to live consistent with her values of compassion towards all living beings and peace of mind knowing that she is unlikely to suffer from most of the common ailments of our time like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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