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The Jaguar is a very powerful 5-MeO-DMT medicine extracted from the sap of an amazonian tree used by the jaguar tribes of the rio negro region of the amazon. This secret medicine has been only starting to come out of the rain forest very recently. Death-rebirth and union with source are common descriptions of the experience, the journey lasts for a little more than an hour but is highly profound.

Price: $250

Dates: Feb 13, 14, 15

Time: 8:00 pm to 12:00 am

Attendees for each session: 20


February 13th

$250 USD

February 14th

$250 USD

February 15th

$250 USD


All ceremonies and retreats are offered by ONCA foundation as part of the psychedelic therapy for social leaders project where we seek to offer transpersonal experience to activists, writers, speakers, and social leaders in general; understanding that as social leaders, whatever they derive from such experiences will expand exponentially towards earth, freedom, and the global development of consciousness. Ticket profits will be reinvested in projects of social impact, psychedelic research, and defense of ancestral cultures. (




(Leader of Jaguar Ceremony)

Lila started his mystical path as a small child after surviving a lightning strike. He began his apprenticeship with the shamanic leader of the area since he was seven years old and completed initiation as a medicine man by age fourteen. His father introduced him to the Wirikuta Peyote pilgrimage since he was ten, as well as into the Teonanacatl –sacred mushroom- “velada”.


He has built a close relationship with A’i (Cofan) communities from the putumayo region of the amazon from which he apprenticed and received the way of Yagé (Ayahuasca). Lilawas also initiated into Bwiti Iboga in central Africa with the pygmy peoples and is now considered an initiation father. He has also been vision-questing and sun-dancing for years with important Lakota chiefs such as Crow-Dog.

Lately, Lila has found many of the contemporary answers to shamanism, meditation, and healing in transpersonal psychotherapy where he has apprenticed from psychiatrists Claudio Naranjo and Stanislav Grof. In the academic world he has been studying consciousness, psychopathology and psychopharmacology concentrating on schizophrenia and suicide, and has been working on FDA approved psychedelic assisted psychotherapy research with the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies (MAPS).

ceremony leaders 3


(Leaders of Ayahuasca Ceremony)

The A’i Cofan people live in five reservations around the Colombian and Ecuadorian amazon. Oral history of surrounding tribes point to the Cofan as the original knowledge holders of the ayahuasca brew technology; their relationship with this medicine begins in small drops since the day they are born.

ceremonie leaders 2


(Leader of Ayahuasca Ceremony)

Taita David Queta is the son and principal spiritual inheritor of Taita Querubin, one of the main spiritual chiefs of the Amazon tribes. His history is tainted by the fight for the preservation of the culture and territories of his people.


(Leader of Ayahuasca Ceremony)

Grandmother Tntn, is a medicine woman, protector of the ancestral weave and of the feminine wisdom of her tribe. She is a leader in her community, mother of ten, and carrier of a legendary ayahuasca lineage.

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(Leaders of Peyote Ceremony)

The wixaritari huichol shamans are coming from the sierra madre of northern Mexico. They have a very ancient relationship with the blue deer. Some of their peyote ceremonial sites have 15,000 years of history according to carbon dating from the ashes from their sacred fireplaces.

Etxiecame, our elder passed away recently but his daughter Citaima (Corn strands) and her husband Maxa (Deer) will join us.

ceremony musicians


David and Gabriela from Poamo will accompany the shaman’s chants with their devotional music.


Uma, Julien, Alev, and Jeremy will be making sure that everyone is feeling comfortable and has all the hands on help they may need to journey peacefully into the heart.

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