Luis Fernando Mises | Anarchapulco | Breathe Life

Luis Fernando Mises is known for his skills in consulting, public speaking, and spiritual exploration. Luis has worked for many years providing coaching in servant leadership, illustrating to managers of fortune 500 companies how to better provide for their employees, giving them the tools they need to be productive and happy.

Luis has also enabled the healing of hundreds of individuals using modalities such as huachuma, psylocibin, and sacred breath, bringing people to personal realizations that enriched their lives. He is a big believer in epigenetics and how we can influence life with our thoughts and how life responds to the narrative in our minds and teaches about focus.

Recently, Luis has been developing video training programs to bring knowledge which was once exclusively available to large companies, to smaller entrepreneurs so they can benefit from the wisdom of him and his mentors and it will be available mid 2021.