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Post Event Retreat: Noesis Feb 17-19th

Anarchapulco is proud to present this retreat with our Shamen Lila Vega

A journey into direct knowledge

Psychotherapy, meditation, and shamanism; a journey into direct knowledge. This retreat offers an integral introduction into healing through amplified states of consciousness. While psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is one of the main elements offered in our proposal, there will be an ample amount of preparation, integration, abreaction dynamics, as well as introductions to transpersonal techniques of self-knowledge and healing.

During the retreat we will work on strengthening our relationship with our inner teacher, learning to listen to our inner voice and to our heart; in a search for clarity and empowerment in our paths.

Participants will be specially accompanied throughout the whole process of preparation, intention setting, and integration into everyday life. Medicines will be empathic and noble, yet profound. It will be a good opportunity to deepen what we have learned at Anarchapulco and understand how we can integrate these lessons into our personal lives.


Option 1: $375 until Day 3 at 2:30pm

Option 2: $475 includes second ceremony on Day 3

We have made available option 1 for those who have to leave sooner, but we encourage everyone to take the full retreat as most of the preparation and mind set for the second ceremony will be ready.

Monday February 17th

4:30 pm – 11:00 pm

- 5 Rhythms
- Intro to Holotropic Breathing
- Authentic Movement

Tuesday February 18th

10:00 am - 2:30 pm

- Intro to shamanic communication

- Inner teacher dynamics and intention setting

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

- Break

4:30 pm – 2:00 am

- Medicine Ceremony

- This 8-hour ceremony will be focused on connecting with the inner teacher, with psychotherapeutic support, eye shades, and recorded music)

Wednesday February 19th

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

- Integration

- Authentic Movement

- Kirtan and Meditation

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

- End of Day if you choose Option 1

- Break if you choose Option 2

4:30 pm – 11:00 pm

2nd Medicine Ceremony

- This is a short 2-hour medicine ceremony with half of the group supporting the other half and then rotating for a total of 4-5 hours)

- Integration and closure

Our Transpersonal Approach

“Western Science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions, one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism." -Stanislav Grof


Integrative Psychotherapy

Our therapeutic proposal has been informed and inspired by what we can summarize as the lineage of Esalen, a node of thought and therapy that began to weave in the 60s and 70s in Northern California. The counterculture of the bay and the Esalen community at that time included thinkers and therapists such as Alan Watts, Fritz Perls, Claudio Naranjo, Terrence McKenna, Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber, Gabrielle Roth, Michael Harner, Ralph Metzner, Jack Kornfield, Carlos Castañeda, Leo Zeff, James Fadiman, Ram Dass, and many more. From this community, essential disciplines for our therapeutic proposal emerged such as transpersonal psychology, gestalt psychotherapy, 5 rhythms, authentic movement, core shamanism, and psychedelic-assisted therapy. We have received this transmission mainly through our teachers Stanislav Grof and Claudio Naranjo.


Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy

Our therapeutic approach during the medicine sessions is non-directive: attentive but usually silent, supporting the emerging process, offering assistance and guidance if needed. Certain subjective features occur for many people in a surprisingly reliable way. These include increased empathy for others; increased compassion for oneself; profound and novel insights about one’s character or life or the world; feelings of deep connectedness with other people or other things; a sense of meaningfulness; a reduced sense of one’s Self, its permanence, and its boundaries; and in some cases, a completely other-worldly experience often referred to as ‘mystical’. Usually the accompanying insights and perspectives gained throughout the session are felt to be more reliable, more ‘true’ or ‘wise’, than one’s ordinary understanding.


Spontaneous Movement

Spontaneous movement allows the emergence of free association and active imagination from the body. Through this ritual of surrender we access the unconscious and allow it’s free expression; we manage to integrate repressed information, we find insights and answers, we observe the shadow, we access archetypal spaces, we contact the inner teacher and we self-actualize. We have found this practice especially useful to prepare ourselves for transpersonal experiences in amplified states of consciousness, as well as to integrate them later as well.

Holotropic Breathing

Holotropic Breathing is a natural method of self-exploration and healing based on the power of non-ordinary states of consciousness. We access these holotropic states (from the Greek "holos" -wholeness, and "trepen"-to move towards, means to move towards the whole) through a fast-breathing method, rhythmic and deeper than usual; accompanied with specific bodywork and evocative music. This process allows a transpersonal experience similar to the psychedelic experience, evoking emotions, unblocking energy, and generating visions.

The importance of psychotherapy in spirituality

If everything is an illusion, why do I have to work on my pending issues with daddy and mommy?

The ego can, and does, co-opt spiritual ideas and practices by attempting to bypass, rather than work through, the wounded, confused, and even damaged aspects of our psyche. Sometimes spiritual concepts and practices are used to avoid, rather than pierce, our psychological wounds and challenges. This is what Jorge Ferrer calls “heart-chakra-and-above” spirituality. People move toward the light while being unwilling to descend into the dark, murky dredge of their own emotions and relational challenges. The result is an ungrounded, partial, and lopsided version of spiritual awareness.

When we have not learned to manage our psychology, our psychology will continue to manage us.

In our integrative proposal, ecstatic mysticism, living in the now, and the experience of unity expand further into a need to be present with all levels of our experience, including painful emotions, interpersonal human difficulties, and the suffering of the earth itself and its inhabitants.

We are not putting out more information regarding the plant medicine because we are interested in having people who are genuinely interested in the retreat in general and not only in trying out a substance. We will discuss ceremony details with participants when we begin the retreat.


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