This one day limited attendance immersive experience will take place on a beach retreat located just south of Acapulco. We will be offering two opportunities to attend this event, March 16 or March 17.  If you want to attend both, you will need to buy a separate ticket for each.
AnarchAwakening Event Schedule:
Cacao Ceremony
Relax and rest on site (beach, pool, lounge areas)
Peyote Ceremony (overnight)

There is no lodging provided for this event, but you may want to purchase a room for the day after the ceremony so you can relax and sleep after the all night ceremony.


With all of the chaos that is happening in the world right now, it is common for free-thinkers to get swept up in the tornado of life. That is why it is direly important for us to tap into our true spiritual nature, while simultaneously grounding ourselves into our physical reality. When we are not connected to our hearts and spirit, we can experience an uproar of negative emotions (anxiety, anger and fear), which can be hard to control. But when we connect to our inner knowledge, the outer world falls into place and we attain more peace, love, and acceptance in our lives; for ourselves and for others as well.

For those of you who will be taking the leap to Mexico this March, we invite you to sit with us on March 16th or March 17th for AnarchAWAKENing – an immersive, one-day retreat south of Acapulco, Mexico. Those of us who are holding space this year have set our intention to create an intimate, gentle and relaxing environment for those who are seeking answers. We will enjoy a full day of meditation and self care through the use of plant medicines, breathwork and music.

The day long retreat includes:

Setting our intention through yoga on the beach in the morning, guided by Vistara of Bambuddha.
Smoothie break
A heart-opening journey with one of the rarest cacao beans known to man, guided by Juan Pablo and his wife Azul
Lunch buffet on the beach
Opening our third eye with a two-hour breathwork meditation, guided by Luis Fernando Mises
Balancing our vibrational frequency with sound healing, guided by sound magician, Nathan Fallou
A night-long transformative Peyote ceremony, guided by traditional Mexican Marakames
Breakfast on the Beach

If you are new to AnarchAWAKENing, please check out this short video of our beautiful venue here:

We encourage you to only sign up for either March 16th or March 17th. We do not recommend you sign up for both, as you will need to find time to rest and integrate your experience.

If you intend on participating, please read over this list for things you must bring for the Peyote ceremony.

It is also worth noting that if you are taking any SSRI, anti anxiety, anti psychotic or anti depressant, you cannot sit with Peyote.

You can find tickets for AnarchAWAKENing at

We are deeply appreciative to be able to share this sacred space with our brothers and sisters this year.

The Anarchapulco Team

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March 16, March 17

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Start date: March 16, 2021