"How to build a Free City" Virtual Workshop with Peter Young and Titus Gibel

Purchase this virtual workshop that will happen July 29, 2022 with Peter Young and Titus Gibel!

More about the producers of this workshop:


Dr Titus Gebel is foundation council president of the Free Cities Foundation and CEO of TIPOLIS Corporation. He is an entrepreneur and lawyer who has founded a number of companies, including multinational energy and resources group Deutsche Rohstoff AG.

Titus is building Free Cities: autonomous territories where people can prosper and live freely without unwanted interference from government. In this seminar, Titus will introduce the concept of a "Free City", talk about the Free City projects that exist today, and explain how you can benefit from moving to or founding your own Free City.


Peter is the managing director of the Free Cities Foundation, overseeing operations, projects and the foundation’s Liberty in Our Lifetime conference. Prior to joining the foundation, Peter spent most of his career in China supporting British businesses operating within the Chinese market. He has worked as a consultant for Saifedean.com, Incrementum AG and Blockstream.


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