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Learn Muscle Response, Testing To Navigate Your Evolution


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Muscle Response Testing (MRT): There are many forms of “energy medicine”, or “mind-body” medicine. One common thread among them is that each is a style of two-way communication between the practitioner and client, intended to discover and to bring to awareness what it is about the client’s mind-body perception of itself that prevents it from effectively using its innate healing resources. The mind-body awareness and the internal decision making by which the body regulates itself happens at a subconscious level and so, a mind-body medicine practitioner needs some way to make that subconscious process observable. Each system or style of healing has its own structure, but what is common to many of them is their use of MRT as a mind-body feedback tool that allows the practitioner to navigate and steer the particular mind-body medicine format they choose to employ. Muscle response testing can be taught in variety of ways that are more or less complete and that are more or less logically structured and “verifiable”. Some are very unstructured and don’t offer a way of self-testing the reliability of the MRT result. Some have weaknesses in the way they explain how a weak or strong muscle response is produced in the first place. Some don’t consider how the physical setup for MRT can result in fatigue that produces unreliable responses. This MRT workshop is for anyone who practices or intends to learn any method of mind-body medicine. Learn reliable muscle response testing procedure to better understand your body and help you everyday decision making be more in concert with your body’s needs.

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