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Manifestation Cacao Ceremony


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In this workshop you will learn a very simple and profound method to tap into your full potential as a genius co-creator. Using quantum physics, neuroscience, and quantum mechanics, we get to demystify the process of materializing goals and visions in the fastest way possible. Learn to use the power of raw cacao mixed with specific superfoods to amplify your intuition, up level your performance, focus your mind and awaken dormant parts of your brain. Using the right mind set we create limitless structure that can hold your full expansion. Through breath work and specific embodiment practices we unblock what is holding us back from our optimal performance, amplifying the gamma brain waves of bliss and manifestation. Through different shamanic activations, hypnosis, NLP, and reality alternating techniques we expand our potential through every energy center and our whole electromagnetic field, accelerating our capacity to attract whatever we want to manifest in our lives. Unleashing our inner power, we celebrate our intentions together, creating a safe a environment of bliss, love and deep connection. Get ready to embody the art and science of manifestation in ways your mind couldn’t even conceive before… Get ready to step into the highest version of you.

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