Private Jet Presale 2022 Orlando


NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit to reserve seat on a round trip private jet to Anarchapulco from Orlando.


This $5000 USD deposit guarantees you a spot on a private chartered flight to and from Acapulco (full payment will be due the week of January 10th). The flight from Orlando will depart on Saturday, February 12th, and will return Sunday, February 20th.

Pay this deposit only if you intend to make the rest of your payment in January. 

The full cost will be approximately $12,840 USD, round trip IF PRICES STAY THE SAME.

There is likely to be a price fluctuation before we charter the flight, up or down.

By paying this deposit you are committing to pay the remainder of the ticket cost within 24 hours of us booking the charter.

Note: With your plane ticket purchase you will be automatically enrolled as a Silver member of Freedom Travel Alliance, to activate your membership please reach out to

Here’s the process: 

At some point during the week of January 10th, the tickets will go on sale for full price. Everyone who’s paid a deposit will have 24 hours to pay the balance ($7,840 if prices don't change). 

After that, if you still haven’t paid for your ticket, it’ll be sold on the open market and you’ll lose your spot. We know this seems tight, but with our own payment constraints, it’s a necessity.

We (Anarchapulco) have 48 hours from signing the charter agreement to make the payment. All flights are round trip.

Contact us to discuss one-way options.

Please purchase this product ONLY if you are prepared to pay the full amount in JANUARY! 

Note: Anarchapulco is chartering an external airline for these flights. We are not liable for injuries, damages, loss of life, inconvenience, theft, loss of property, or other issues you may encounter over the course of this voyage. While you’re at it, buy your ticket to Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable!

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