Women's Retreat with Pyasa Neko Siff


March 1–8 2022 Acapulco, Mexico

This intimate women’s retreat is your opportunity to gain the skills and confidence you need to transform your experience of sexuality and create the life YOU desire.

The Intention:

Supporting you to purge the trauma, shame, conditioning, false beliefs, & past hurts held in your emotional, energetic & physiological systems … so you can have the  full-bodied presence, PLEASURE & felt sense of safety in your body which will EMPOWER you to stand in your sexual sovereignty & enjoy the life & relationships you desire.

This life-changing work will take place within a container of trust, consent, and intimacy, nourished by the deep connection found within sisterhood. You will get to learn, play, be seen, heard, and held.

In this retreat you have the opportunity to …

Develop Healthy Boundary Skills

Learn & Practice Pelvic-Floor Release techniques 

Release Trauma & Stagnant Emotions with Somatic Practices

participate in other SENSE-ational embodied learning activities

You will leave transformed on a cellular level – oxytocin-filled, feeling inspired, AND …

Blissfully REWIRED for PLEASURE & JOY in your life, sexuality, and relationships!

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