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Revive Clinic

What is the Revive Clinic - The Revive Clinic by Divine Biome is an exciting new feature for Anarchapulco 2020!

Anarchapulco's vision along with our partner Dr. Matthew Buckley, is to create a center for for health and wellness featuring leaders in alternative therapies.

The Revive Clinic by Divine Biome is offering cutting edge technology in the area of rejuvenation and revitalization of the mind and body.  Practitioners will be offering a variety of therapeutics including stem cells both by IV and local infusion, IV nutrition, G-Spot Activation, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), as well as mind-body therapies such as chiropractic, applied kinesiology (AK), Iridology, acupuncture, neuro-modulation technique (NMT), chiro plus kinesiology (CPK), and a variety of energetic psychology approaches to help alleviate physiology disrupting “stuck emotions”.

Go ahead an review the practitioners that will be participating in the Revive Clinic at Anarchapulco 2020.  You can go ahead and book your session right here!

Presented by Divine Biome

Anarchapulco would like to acknowledge our partner Divine Biome, a health and wellness company providing education, products and to assist in the establishment of an optimal microbiome and equilibrium of balance with the mind and body.


Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D., CTH


Days: Feb 10 - Feb 20

Time Available: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Session Length: 1 hr

Session Price: $250/hr.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Buckley, please call 512-327-1771 or email him at [email protected]

BIO: In his late teens Buckley developed unexplained chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which led him into the field of chiropractic and energetic medicine in an attempt to find answers that conventional medicine wasn't providing.  Ultimately answers were found which required a combination of body work, diet, and detoxification to help address the challenges brought on by toxic metals, toxic food, chronic infections, and unresolved emotional traumas.  Having walked a path from illness to wellness he utilizes his personal insight and scientific understanding to help others find their way out of the modern scourge of chronic illness, whether it be autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, allergies, digestive problems, etc out of Austin, Texas.

SERVICE: Applied Kinesiology(AK)/Chiro Plus Kinesiology

Bioresonant and kinesiological assessments which aid in the detection and rebalancing of structural, chemical, mental/emotional, and acupuncture meridians are primary tools of use.

Many seemingly structural complaints are rooted in biochemical and/or mental/emotional imbalances and can be properly identified with this system of assessment and treatment.

Toxins beget infections and infections beget inflammation and inflammation begets pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more.


Dra. Evelin Veras, MD


Days: Feb 10 - Feb 20

Time Available:

  • 9am - 5pm (G-Spot Activation with Dr. Veras)
  • 9am- 5 pm (Stem Cell Therapy)
  • 9am- 9pm (IV nutrition)

Session Length: 90 minutes - G spot activation

Price:   $1350.00



To book an appointment email Dr. Veras at:  [email protected]

Bio Dr. Evelin Veras is an aesthetic and reconstructive a plastic surgeon, specializing in anti-aging with her "Less 10 years" more youthful face and intimate zone restorative procedures.  While her practice is based in Guadalajara, Mexico she is recognized throughout Mexico for her expertise in the female G spot activation, which she has developed, in order to address the global problem of sexual dissatisfaction and vaginal anorgasmia, which affects approximately 70% of the women throughout the world. The implications of this technique extend beyond sexual pleasure as feedback from clients suggests deep emotional healing is occurring by remedying the problem with her 1 hr 1 application technique.  She is a regular guest on both national television and radio in Mexico spreading her gospel of G Spot activation and why it's important for the health of women and society as a whole.

Services:  Stem Cells, IV-Nutrition, and G-Spot Activation

Stem cell therapy is a treatment option that stimulates self-healing on a cellular basis in a unique and profound way! Regenerating organs, tissues and even the neurological system of your body with pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells 100% of ethical origin.  We have a variety of stem cell packages, with some targeted to a problem area and others to support overall systemic healing and repair. The lack of potency and quantity of stem cells as we age has been identified as one of the key factors promoting aging and degeneration.

Please visit for more information about these offerings and the price structure.  Discounted prices will be offered to early bird registrees. Due to the nature of the product and its sensitivity, we will only be bringing product for those who register in advance.  No product will be offered on site without pre-registering for the event.



Meyer’s Cocktail

Vitamin C

Hangover Rx (Meyers Cocktail with Glutathione)


G-Spot Activation is a non-surgical procedure which involves a proprietary blend of natural agents, including hylauronic acid, and are formulated to break down scar tissue and aid in collagen repair.  This one time procedure typically results in transforming an anorgasmic woman into a multi-orgasmic woman. The clinical success rate is around 99% and the healing extends beyond enhancing sexual pleasure.  .


Rajai Kaldani


Days: Feb 10 - Feb 20

Time Available:

  • Morning - (10am - 1pm)
  • Afternoon - (3pm - 6pm)

Session Length: 15 minutes

Price - $30 per session or a package of 6 sessions for $125 or 10 for $200



To book a session or series of sessions with the Bemer please call/text Rajai at:  847-754-8555
Or email: [email protected]

Bio Rajai Kaldani spent 20 years in corporate America where he worked with some of the biggest tech brands in the world.  When his health started to fail from many years of endured stress and facing a dire situation with regards to his health crisis, a lifeline presented itself in the form of BEMER.  It restored his health, energy, vitality, focus and his zest for life. He is now a full-time advocate of this incredible German technology which is transforming lives around the globe and is excited about sharing it with the Anarchapulco community.

Services: Bemer

What is BEMER? BEMER is a bio-rhythmic waveform that was developed as a vascular therapy to promote microcirculation through the stimulation of vasomotion. Healthy microcirculation is vital to the cardiovascular system, and vasomotion is a process in the microcirculatory system that assists the heart in delivering blood to the smallest vessels in the body. Improving healthy microcirculation, through the targeted stimulation of vasomotion, is the primary goal of BEMER physical vascular therapy.

BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The BEMER signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels to promote needs-based distribution of blood.


Dr. Alexander Gilmore


Treatment times will be the 13-19th, Daily 3-5 or by appointment.


Call 970-856-3545 or email: [email protected] to book your time with Dr. Gilmore

Dr. Alexander Gilmore is an eclectic kind of chiropractor with certification and training in many areas of healing including homeopathy, functional and regenerative medicine, acupuncture and genetics. "I think there is more to the human body than most of us realize," he says, "there is an amazing capacity for self-healing and regeneration deep within that just needs to be awakened for people to experience vibrant health. This is how miracles happen." Dr. Gilmore has spent the last 3 years studying with what he calls "miracle doctors." "They're the kind of doctor I would send my dying mother to," he says. The main technique he has studied is called CPK (Chiro Plus Kinesiology). This makes him one of just a few doctors in the world that practice in the same fashion. Even at a young age, Dr. Gilmore spent extensive time studying health and wellness. "I've always known I was supposed to be a doctor. So I have been preparing for a long time. My first interest was in peak performance as I have been involved in sports since a little boy, but it always seemed like some kind of ailment held me back. I just wish I could have known a doctor like me in those early years. There's no doubt that the little things that seemed to hold me back would have been easily handled by a doctor like I am now."

May Your Days Be Filled With Infinite Love And Gratitude Alexander Gilmore D.C.

Total Family Wellness

105 SE Greenwood Ave Cedaredge, CO 81413


Service not provided


Heather Eland 


Days: Feb 13 - Feb 18

Time Available:

  • February 13th: 2pm-6pm
  • February 14th: 10am-4pm
  • February 15th: 10am-4pm
  • February 17th: 10am-6pm
  • February 18th: 10am-2pm

Session Length: 1 hr


Please use the following link to book time with Heather:

Bio Heather Eland is a professional astrologer specializing in psychological, emotional and physical wellness. Combining her background in Clinical Psychology and mind-body therapies with her studies in Medical Astrology and personal experience healing from chronic illness, Heather helps her clients to gain a deep understanding of themselves and their current circumstances, empowering them to take back control of their health on all levels. Heather runs a thriving astrology website and YouTube channel, called “Astrology with Heather,” and provides personal astrology readings, educational webinars, free tutorials and video forecasts to thousands of people worldwide!

You can learn more about Heather and her work by visiting her website at


Please note: All astrology readings require an exact date, time, and location of birth. This information must be provided no later than one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. Depending on the specific intentions for each reading, Heather may require additional information in advance in order to insure accuracy. If scheduling in advance, contact Heather for scheduling at [email protected] Thank you!


Health & Wellness Readings:

Medical astrology reading focused on the psychological, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual issues connected to specific health concerns. A general overview of strengths and challenges related to health and overall well-being and recommendations for illness prevention will also be provided.

40-Minute Health & Wellness Astrology Reading: $179

*Please note: Medical Astrology Readings are for educational purposes only, and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure illness. If you have a serious health concern, please consult a professional health practitioner of your choosing.


General Astrology Readings:

Gain important insight into your astrological blueprint with a detailed astrology reading focused on the topics most important to you! Great for deepening self-awareness and preparing for what lies ahead so that you can use the energy available to you in the best possible way!

30-Minute Astrology Reading: $129

60-Minute Astrology Reading: $219


Kimberly Kraus LAc, MSOM, ACN, CCI, CBCP


Days: Feb 12 - Feb 17

Time Available: 8am - 3pm

Session Length: 1 hr


To book a session with Kimberly, please call or text her at:

Bio Kimberly Kraus LAc, MSOM, ACN, CCI, CBCP  is a Licensed Acupuncturist, earning a Master's in Oriental Medicine in 2002, from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin.  She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University. Kimberly is certified as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Comprehensive Iridologist, Body Code Practitioner, Reiki Master and Angel Card Reader. She also uses Color/Light/Frequencies energy for healing. Kimberly owns Rising Sun Acupuncture in Fredericksburg, Texas since 2002.


Acupuncture treatment for overall balancing your energy, jet lag, or to treat any acute, or chronic symptoms.

Time - One hour $180

Reiki treatment for relaxation along with color/light/frequency therapy with Premio 40 stimulator.

Time - One hour. $180

Comprehensive Iridology evaluation of patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about your systemic health and personality traits.

Time - One hour. $180

Body Code/Emotion Code session using muscle testing and magnets to clear negative energy patterns to balance your field.

Time - 30 minutes. $90


Dr. Kevin Hall, PSc.D.


Days: Feb 10th -20th

Session Length: 30 min


To Schedule time with Dr. Hall, you can reach him at:

email. [email protected]

Or thru

Or text 512-850-1131

Bio  Dr. Kevin Hall received his Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005. Dr. Hall has had a very successful chiropractic practice in Austin since 2005 and now practicing in the Irving/Coppell/Las Colinas area. While practicing the past 10 years, Dr. Hall continued his extensive training in natural medicine while specializing in Diabetes, Thyroid, and Chronic Fatigue. Although his original training is in chiropractic, He also practices functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a unique approach to health that addresses the cause of the problem rather than chasing symptoms like traditional medicine.

Dr. Hall takes a holistic approach in his patient care. He believes the body has an innate ability to heal itself once one removes the chemical, physical and emotional stress that burdens the body. When a person experiences poor health, it is do to an imbalance in one or more of these areas. He believes in a natural, drug-less, non-invasive approach to correct these imbalances.

He continues to dedicate himself to learning the most current health information and techniques. Dr. Hall has completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education in Applied Kinesiology, Functional medicine, Brimhall Protocol, Gonstead Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique(NET), Torque Release Technique, Cold Laser Therapy, Activator Technique, Myofascial Release, Applied Neurology, Nutrition, Herbals, and Detoxification Programs.

While attending Northwestern State University on a football scholarship, he developed a passion for nutrition and sports medicine. Towards the end of his football career his focus expanded to alternative care due to injuries. To avoid surgery, he learned to heal himself through natural methods including chiropractic. He began his path of healing at the Austin School of Massage Therapy and then earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and certification in Applied Kinesiology(AK) at Parker College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Hall enjoys educating his patients on the benefits of living a healthy, energetic, and active lifestyle. He is passionate about helping others achieve Optimal Health and Wellness.

Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, TX 2002-2005
Northwestern State University, 1996-2000
Graduate of the Austin School of Massage Therapy, 2000-2001
Applied Kinesiology (AK) 100 Certification, 2004


The treatments offered will be either 30 minutes or 1 hour. The treatment plan will be determined individually based on the patients history, patients chief complaints, treatment time, and how many sessions you’re planning on getting.

Your customized treatment plan will include a combination of the techniques listed below 

Treatment cost is $95 for 30 minutes and $175 for an hour. 

They’re discounts for multiple treatments sessions which can be found on the scheduling website. This can be found on my personal website or via email request listed at the bottom


Cold laser therapy(Applied Neurology)
When the body has an injury the cells are damaged and fail to function within normal parameters. Low level lasers penetrate deeply into the skin and work by restoring this abnormal cellular function.


Applied kinesiology 

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing.

Body work therapy / Myofascial release


Deep Release

An Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a deep myofascial release (massage) methodology developed by Dr. Kevin Hall

The Percussor

is a device that has a vibrating head, that pulses in and out at a variable rate.  The percussor's action allows the practitioner to work with the fascia of the body at a very deep, penetrating level that has long-lasting results.

Rapid release pro 2

Rapid Release Technology has also effectively relieved chronic pain of patients who have had no previous success with other holistic treatments

Spinal mobilization techniques

Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body and maintains proper communication between the brain and the body.

By using either hands or instruments, our treatments are gentle enough for newborns to grandparents.  We offer specific treatments to make corrections to the nervous system using a protocol.


Dr. Leslie Feinberg, DC and Matt Godel, DC


Days available: Feb. 11th – Feb. 16th

Time Available: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Session Length: 1 hr

Session Price: $400/hr.


To book your time with Dr’s Les and Matt Godel, please email them at: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Bio Dr. Feinberg graduated summa cum laude from Western States Chiropractic College in 1979 and has studied and practiced virtually every style of mind-body medicine for 42 years. In 2002 he created and began teaching NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) a system of healing based on the recognition that disease and the failure to heal always have an informational component.  If we believe that healing is possible that means we believe that if the mind-body were enabled to make better and more appropriate physiological choices that it could more effectively move in the direction of healing. The tools we have in the NMT protocol are the 50 different NMT clinical dialog, each structured around particular areas of physiology– allergy, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, emotional and psychological issues. The application of the NMT protocol reveals to the mind-body the errors in perception and physiological choices that have led it into illness and empower the mind-body to redirect itself in the direction of healing.  Official NeuroModulation Technique website PainEraser AnthroDC moving Focal Muscle Vibration into the 21st century.


euroModulation Technique (NMT) Full analysis and treatment sessions.

The first hour long NMT session will analyze the informational basis for the health issues and complaints that you will bring – how does the mind-body see its internal condition and the external world challenges to which it must adapt to heal. What are the errors of mind-body awareness and perception that drive the disease process and obstruct healing? The answer we generate to this question directs the NMT practitioner to those NMT clinical dialogs that will most powerfully redirect the mind-body to heal itself. Clinical results are often immediate and profound. Follow-up NMT sessions can be done remotely via phone or Skype in a treatment plan to produce the most complete and durable clinical outcome.

Dr. Feinberg and Dr. Godel will offer their services interchangeably with one another in the clinic.


Dr. Matt Godel, DC


Works in partnership with Dr. Feinberg (see above)


Bio With 16 years of experience in remote healing and intentional transformation using NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), Dr. Godel is now a facilitator for the NMT Global Healing Network. Dr. Godel draws upon his 25 years of experience as a Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist and Acupuncturist to create the specificity, intention and clarity necessary to effect healing and transformation. The power of NMT is our ability to uncover and reveal to the mind-body the confusion in regulatory systems that is blocking healing and in that way release the patient’s innate healing potential.  So, although there is no subject that cannot be addressed, Dr. Godel particularly enjoys working with clients who suffer from autoimmune dysfunction, stress and anxiety.  Official NeuroModulation Technique website PainEraser AnthroDC moving Focal Muscle Vibration into the 21st century.

Bio With 16 years of experience in remote healing and intentional transformation using NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), Dr. Godel is now a facilitator for the NMT Global Healing Network. Dr. Godel draws upon his 25 years of experience as a Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist and Acupuncturist to create the specificity, intention and clarity necessary to effect healing and transformation. The power of NMT is our ability to uncover and reveal to the mind-body the confusion in regulatory systems that is blocking healing and in that way release the patient’s innate healing potential.  So, although there is no subject that cannot be addressed, Dr. Godel particularly enjoys working with clients who suffer from autoimmune dysfunction, stress and anxiety.  Official NeuroModulation Technique website PainEraser AnthroDC moving Focal Muscle Vibration into the 21st century.


Works in partnership with Dr. Feinberg (see above)


Dr. Rob Vasquez, DC


Thursday February 13th - 2pm – 5pm

Friday February 14th - 10am – 1pm & 3pm – 5pm

Saturday February 15th - 10am – 1pm


To book your appointment email  [email protected]

Bio Rob Vasquez is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach, mentor and keynote speaker. He is a leading Wellness Expert and has run one of the largest Wellness Centers in Texas for 20 years. He is Co-Founder of “The Happy Healthy Guys” and is a contributing doctor for Good Morning Texas, SA Live and Great Day SA. He has coached 1000’s of people to help them live their life Happy and Healthy. He has also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and their LIFE. He is the founder of True Health Wellness Centers, a co-founder of Elevation Health, The Happy Healthy Guys and the founder of Strategic Purpose Academy.


Happy Healthy Thin Description of Services:

  •     Metabolism     Consultation & Body Composition Analysis - $37
  •     Happy     Healthy Thin Customized Nutrition Program - $347 - $3,000

Sarah Turner


Days: Feb 13 - Feb 18

Time Available:

Morning - (10am - 1pm)

Afternoon - (3pm - 6pm)

Session Length: 30 minutes

Price - $30 per session or a package of 6 sessions for $125 or 10 for $200

Cryptocurrency accepted.


To book a session or series of sessions with the FlexBEAM please Whatsapp Sarah at: +44 7859735557

Or email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Recharge does not claim to cure, heal, treat or prevent illness. For serious medical issues, we strongly recommend you seek advice from trained medical professionals.

Bio Recharge Communications and Product Development - Rebel Scientist

Sarah has research background in the field of novel therapeutic devices, circadian biology, chronobiology, and Biohacking. She has studied Psychobiology, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience.

As part of her journey Sarah has interviewed prolific thought-leaders, visionaries, experts in health and performance. This has led to her current understanding of the overriding role of physics in relation to biology and has fueled her interest in the field of quantum biology in health, photobiology and consciousness studies.

Sarah is a member of the team at Recharge – a start-up frontier technology company with a focus on disruptive health technologies that empower the individual to take control of their own health. Recharge’s goal is to provide a real and progressive solution to the current healthcare crisis and levels of opiate addiction.

Sarah is a now a red light therapist trained in photobiomodulation and LED therapy. She uses FlexBEAM with home users, biohackers and within a research clinical setting. Her goal is to put this innovative, all natural, non-drug therapy back in the hands of the individual.



The Red Light Therapy offering is as follows:

  •   The red light therapy session consists of a short assessment  - followed by application of the FlexBEAM device directly onto uncovered skin.
  •     The applications are 10mins per cycle with a maximum of 3 cycles per person depending on the issue.
  •     The therapy consists of a programme of red and NIR (near infrared) light placed on a specific area of the body as determined by the practitioner.


Red light therapy has been shown to have the following effects:

  •     Better sleep
  •     Increased endurance
  •     Improved recovery from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  •     Pain relief
  •     Optimised brain functioning
  •     Wound healing
  •     Increased collagen and elastin in the skin
  •     Increased energy
  •     Increased micro-circulation
  •     Increased testosterone and sexual performance

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