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With Christina Storey Feb 16


About the workshop:

Liberate yourself from mental slavery by following a few simple practical steps and  shifting your conceptual frame.

Freedom is as much a frame of mind as it is a legal or financial 'reality'.  This workshop is designed to get attendees to consider the types of simple real world actions and powerful mental perceptual shifts that they can take and make when confronting lack of safety nets and attendant fears.  The workshop explores the truth that freedom itself can be frightening given an awareness of the responsibility that comes with it. There is a focus on steps to financial freedom and the development of a wealth mind-set, necessary for any productive use of one's achieved freedom.



Date: February 16th

Start Time: 2:00pm

Worskhop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ADVOCACY STAGE, Princesa 4

Max Tickets Available: 15


About your host, Christina Storey:

Dr. Storey, aka the Bitcoin Anthropologist, is Head of Innovation at the New York based fintech start-up Mobility Finance Capital Incorporated (MoCaFi.com), which is a financial network focused on inclusion of the under and non-banked. She is also an independent advisor to Cyber Capital.  She is from and based in Bermuda. She dives, sails, skis, rides and loves to jump out of planes. Also a huge fan of all dancing. In addition to her academic background (Harvard BA, Rhodes, Oxford DPhil, UofL LLB) she is the mother of two, and brings skills and insights from all her areas of expertise to her current work with Mocafi.


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