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With Juan Galt Feb 16


About the workshop:

Hands on, easy to use security for all your digital assets.

Bitcoin was born and digital security was never the same. As soon as bitcoins acquired a market value, the incentives to hack others began to break new ground. The world is still catching up.

The Bitcoin industry's response to this challenge is the recognition that most humans are far more familiarwith the process of securing physical assets than they are digital ones.

The most popular crypto security solutions today, like hardware wallets, paper wallets, and master seed paper backups have been built with this in mind.

The Be Your Own Bank Workshop teaches you three things.

  1. How to upgrade your normal security practices, such that access to your social networks, exchanges, and all other personal online accounts, is protected from crypto hackers while leveraging the most secure and ease-of-use focused tools available today.
  2. How you can protect yourself from the most popular and successful attacks used against crypto users. We combine education with strategies we've personally tested and polished for years. Strategies designed to enhance the industry's security standards.
  3. Last but not least, an introduction to the inheritance questions posed by crypto and the initial tools you'll need to set up an estate for you and your loved ones. An estate that is integrated with your crypto holdings and other digital assets.

You will need to have a laptop and a hardware wallet to make the most of this workshop.

And don't forget, prevention is better than cure!



Date: February 16th

Start Time: 2:00pm

Workshop Duration: 4 Hours

Location: CRYPTO STAGE, Diamante 1


About your host, Juan Galt:

Juan Galt is a Journalist, Researcher and Educator, focused on protocol security between coins, as well as how to allow users to secure their own coins with reasonable ease of use. Since 2014, he has produced over 400 pieces of content about cryptocurrencies and consulted with hundreds about many aspects of the crypto economy. You can find Juan's work at

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