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With Pyasa neko Siff - Feb 14


About the workshop:

Our orgasmic potential is much more vast than we’ve realized.

Are you ready to embody more pleasure, and step into your personal power even more?

Join Pyasa for this cathartic workshop and learn a powerful, ancient practice that can enrich your orgasmic potential in your daily life, and in your sexuality.

The stress, fear, and trauma we experience individually and collectively, create blocks within our bodies’ physical and energetic systems, long after a situation has passed, they live on within us. The affects of these blockages suppress our energy, eventually leaving us depleted, stuck, and ineffectual.

Tantrics, and Taoists, teach the benefits of arousing our sexual energy and moving it up the spine. As our energy moves through the spine, it clears the blockages in its path, freeing us from the bondage of past experiences, and empowering us with vitality and personal power.

Movement is medicine … Breath is medicine … Sound is medicine.

Come explore the nature of orgasmic energy and experience a Taoist sexual practice which incorporates these three elements to activate your highest potential.



Date: February 14th

Start Time: 1:00pm

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ANARCHAWAKEN STAGE, Princesa 1&2

Max Tickets Available: 100


About your host, Pyasa neko Siff:

Pyasa Neko Siff is an Evolutionary Activator, certified somatic sexologist, and the author of The Intimacy Adventure Playbook. Her passion for sharing somatic sex education supports people to discover a felt sense of safety in the body.
Pyasa’s early childhood experience led her to immerse herself in a process of sexual healing, this has inspired her dedication to lifting the veil on the individual - and collective - sexual conditioning that has kept humanity numb and depressed.
Over the last decade, Pyasa has worked with groups and individuals around the world, creating a platform for participants to deprogram holistically. Her unique approach facilitates the release of unconscious survival patterns, and the reconstruction of neural networks to embody their original design.
Pyasa lives in South America, where she has a trauma-informed private practice. She has created the online In-Bodied Love program, is a ‘Love Ambassador’ for the Pillow App, and has contributed to many popular online magazines. In 2011, the Q’ero people of Peru initiated her and her partner of 18 years, Vinaya, as healers in the Andean Mystical Tradition.

For more on Pyasa and her work: http://www.intimacyadventure.com/

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