10 Years In The Making: X REBORN

Can you believe it’s been 10 YEARS!? 

I still remember all the people we met throughout the years of Anarchapulco - the best people!

Remember the Princess Hotel? That was the lap of luxury with all the restaurants and those amazing views. 

But this is about 2024 and Anarchapulco X - REBORN: Freedom is Rising

This year we will be at the amazing Jardin Secreto, the hidden paradise with gardens and pools - it’s like a private tropical oasis in the middle of Bonfil in Acapulco. You still get all the benefits of being by the ocean, but in a secluded tropical paradise. 

Anarchapulco X - REBORN is going to blow all other years away because this year we are celebrating our 10th annual event (X as in Roman numeral for 10)!

This year will be simply bigger, better, and more exciting than any other year! 

We got the best speakers, we improved the food and the venue has yet again gone through an upgrade!

If you were thinking about coming one of these years, this is it! 

We have three ticket tiers:

  • General Admission - which includes entry, talks, and the use of certain common areas.
  • VIP Tickets - in addition to all the main talks and venue access, you will also have the use of the whole Jardin, including the two swimming pools on the premises, a ticket to the Opening Night Party, and all your daily food needs met. New this year – there is also a new VIP-only stage.
  • VIP Plus Tickets (VERY LIMITED) In addition to all the VIP benefits; you will also be housed at Bambuddha - a luxury retreat on a private beach, have shuttles to and from the event, and gain access to the Speaker Greenroom, among other perks!  

Now, for those of you who are super passionate about freedom, we made an extra special ticket tier - COMMUNITY SUPPORT tickets!

These will soon be available to purchase for those who want to support us this year and participate behind the scenes, rubbing elbows with all the best minds in the freedom movement. You will receive the same benefits as VIP ticket holders, at a discounted price, with the agreement to support us with registration or other needs. 

When you join us as Community Support, you will have the opportunity to stay at the Community Support Dorm and really immerse yourself in your favorite freedom community at Anarchapulco!

Keep in mind that Agoraforko will be taking place February 16-25, so take an extra long learning vacation to participate in decentralized community events - including talks, workshops, and excursions. Agoraforko is included in all ticket types.

We can’t wait to see you there!

If you want to see the speaker lineup for 2024 it’s right here. Tickets can be purchased at ANARCHAPULCO.com.

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