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Anarchapulco NFTs

Join the whitelist for our next Anarchapulco NFT drop!

An NFT is a blockchain-registered artwork that has value as an immutable digital asset - like a cryptocurrency. 

We will be airdropping a series of limited-edition Anarchapulco NFTs to members of our community signed up to our whitelist.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity to get an exclusive piece of Anarchapulco decentralized art memorabilia.

To join the NFT whitelist follow these 2 simple steps:

Download Metamask wallet

We will be sending your Anarchovid NFT to your Metamask wallet, which will appear as an extension in your webbrowser.

Be sure to keep a safe copy of your seed phrase when creating your account.

Your seed phase is essential to regain access to your account in the event you loose your password or your device.

For any issues with downloading Metamask, see the video below.

Send us your Metamask address

Open your wallet by clicking on the Fox icon to the right of your browser search bar. 

It will open as pop-up window. 

Next click on the wallet address to copy. 

If the Fox icon is not available, click on the Jigsaw icon then on Metamask.

Next send us your Metamask address via the form below.


You are now on the Anarchpulco NFT whitelist.
We will be in touch!

If you have any issues with steps 1 or 2, watch the videos below.

VIdeo 1: How to download and install Metamask wallet.


Video 2: How to pin Metamask wallet to your browser search bar


Video 3: How to find and copy your Metamask address.

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