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Mark Passio To Speak For The First Time At Anarchapulco 2018


We are incredibly excited to announce that Mark Passio, of What On Earth Is Happening, will be speaking for the first time at Anarchapulco in 2018!

Anarchapulco has a harder time than most conferences attaining speakers due to the fact that many of them are often incarcerated, on parole and can’t travel or refuse to travel due to fascist agencies such as the TSA.

Larken Rose did not attend the first Anarchapulco due to his dislike of the TSA, calling air travel “flying the fascist skies,” but he eventually decided that Anarchapulco was too important and took his governmental patdown and sexual assault like a man.

Mark Passio had the same issues, but has now said he will fly to Anarchapulco, as he also sees it as an important event for human freedom.

Mark’s work on the occult, natural law, the trivium and more has educated thousands about how the world was meant to work and how the occultists and statists have been warping that to their own ends for centuries.

He’s famous for giving long seminars sometimes lasting days with more information than most people would get in eight years of college.  And he plans to do a full day seminar at Anarchapulco as well (stay tuned for more on that).

So, if you’ve ever wanted to attend his seminars and hang out on the beach with Mark Passio now’s your chance!

Mark appeared on Anarchast this week to talk about this and much more. You can see it here:

We understand that many voluntaryists don’t like the TSA and don’t want to ask permission from the state to travel (called a passport), but both Larken and Mark have decided that some things are too important to let these issues get in the way… like attending Anarchapulco.

We hope you’ll be like Larken and Mark and get to Anarchapulco any way you can (you can quite easily get into Mexico without a passport by crossing at the right time at land borders from the USSA for example).

Some are coming down via sailboat which also easily avoids most statist intervention… and last year one man came down by hopping on the back of a train… so, where there is a will there is a way!

This will be the biggest and most epic Anarchapulco of all time so make sure to register soon to stake your place in history. You can do so at

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