Introducing our first avatar NFT collection!

100 designs, each unique.

Created by artist Ulysses XYZ, taking inspiration from the many themes, speakers & attendees at Anarchapulco 23. 


 To purchase your NFT, choose from the remaining designs below, then fill in the form.


Payment via crypto or credit card.


NFTs are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 


There will only ever be 100!

Remaining NFTs (25/100)

See the full collection of Anarchapulco NFTs here. 

Choose your unique design for $300.

Plus $25 Ethereum minting & transfer fee. 


NFTs from this collection are on sale for $1,000-$10,000 on the secondary market


We will get back to you asap with a payment link. 


Once paid, we will immediately take your chosen NFTs off sale and send it to you as soon as you have provided your Metamask address.   For a step-by-step guide click here


Tell us which NFT you would like!


Find out why you should own one and why are they taking the world by storm. 


Attend one of our free, online NFT masterclasses.

In addition, as an Anarchapulco NFT holder you can also obtain a 50% discount off the full Crypto Master program with code ANARCHAPULCO23NFT here.

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