Acapulco: Boots on the Ground Update

Many of you have been asking for an update on what's been happening in Acapulco since the hurricane last week.

It’s shocking to learn that the global media has largely been ignoring or minimizing the reporting on this unprecedented event. It's been a tough time for the people here, but we're doing everything we can to help.

A couple of days ago, Jeff and his family arrived on site and he jumped into action right away.
Even that very afternoon he was delivering SOS orders to the most desperate neighborhoods.

Did you know that the GoFundMe donations took over a week to arrive? That didn’t delay our help as everyone jumped into action using their own personal money to provide the basic necessities to those starving in the streets.

If you want to help go to  https://hurricaneotisrecovery.com/

We're so grateful to the 40+ volunteers who have been working 20 hours a day to help as many as our small team possibly can help… remember there are over 600,000 people in Acapulco.

Just for illustration, Walmart Inc. lost all merchandise in their 23 stores in the Acapulco area. That means that the area is so large that Walmart needs 23 stores to support it. That does not include the other large grocery stores in the area. Nearly 1 million people.

Right now the biggest issue, other than people running out of medication they desperately need, are infections. Many people have been washing themselves and their babies in dirty water. Others still need to wade in week old puddles that contain parasites and bacteria to get around.

We are connecting those in greatest need with the CADENA organization that came in as well as providing disinfectants and wound dressing to others. One of our team members made contact with the local Navy so that the most urgent cases that need hospital care can be transported by water to the nearest working hospital.

Despite all these efforts, there are still a lot of challenges we're facing. As more gov agencies are moving in and the power is being restored we are able to focus less on RESCUING and more on REBUILDING. There are certain things that the gov just won’t do like picking up debris or clearing alleys. We are also planning on replacing a whole lot of windows.

If you're able to help, please visit https://hurricaneotisrecovery.com/ to make a contribution. Your help will go directly to supporting the relief efforts in Acapulco and the people affected by the hurricane.

Thanks for your support and for keeping up with what's happening here. Together, we can make a difference and help the people of Acapulco rebuild their lives.


The Anarchapulco Team

PS. We uploaded a video about how to help, the hurricane damage at Bambuddha Holistic Resort (where retreats and VIP plus attendees are hosted), their story for weathering through the hurricane and a call to action to support Bambuddha Holistic Resort by visiting. Check out this video below!!

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