Acapulco needs your help!

The destruction of Acapulco, after the Category 5 Hurricane Otis landed on Wednesday, is incredibly extensive. The government aid has not been there and many people have been left homeless with all of their possessions blown away by winds that reached 165 miles (265 kms) an hour. 

The people who have hosted us, fed us and taken care of us over the last 9 years of Anarchapulco Conference need your help. 

Jeff has formed an emergency relief team and sent them to Acapulco. He is using all of the tools at his disposal to help the people affected by this disaster. 

Here is Jeff’s video update with feet-on-the-ground info you won’t get anywhere else. Please share it as widely as you can.  

A massive relief effort has been set up (by Jeff’s team) with 100% transparency where they will be providing photos of every receipt. 


Jeff's brother in law Julio is in Acapulco as we speak and has reported that the most urgently needed items are:

  • Machetes, Chainsaws & other tools
  • Cooking tools 
  • Food and Water

Even $10 will help get some people food and water, so please, do what you can to help the people who have treated us so well for so many years. 

This is the time they need us most. Our hearts are in Acapulco and Playa Bonfil!

The media blackout continues and media are not even allowed entry into the affected areas. We are depending on the public’s videos and photos as the city continues to be without power or telephone services.  Despite the hurricane causing widespread flooding, landslides, and damage to infrastructure, the victims of the disaster are receiving very little aid and minimal coverage in the international media.

The truth of the situation in Acapulco is being hidden by the government and the media and the situation is dire. If you can help we have the teams ready to deliver the food, water, and supplies needed to help. 

You can find our GoFundMe page and crypto links at https://hurricaneotisrecovery.com or at: https://gofund.me/f95afd66

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