Agoraforko: Frequently Asked Questions

So a lot of these questions have been answered within the other posts but I figured it was worthwhile to do a FAQ as well just to make sure all the bases are covered.

What is Agoraforko?

Agoraforko is born out of the criticisms and dreams of Anarchapulco speaker attendees. The idea was originally born at Anarchapulco 2017 and for the 2018 and 2019 year was called Anarchaforko. This story was partially told on the HBO series The Anarchists. Anarchaforko was never meant to be in direct competition to Anarchapulco despite what some thought at the time, we always intended long term to integrate the concept directly into Anarchapulco and now we finally are for the second annual Agoraforko. Last year there were more than 70 events on the calendar, this year we expect even more!

Why is it happening?

Last year the attendees of Anarchapulco expressed they wanted a second week of activities for the event as just one week in Acapulco is just not enough. Naturally, we decided it was time to bring back the decentralized nature of Anarchaforko as Agoraforko to allow attendees and speakers alike to choose what they want to do. This is your chance to make your mark on Anarchapulco and to offer what you’d rather see in an event.

Where is it happening?

There is no specific set location for Agoraforko and that’s on purpose. It’s where you want it to be. The reality is while the Jardin Secreto is gorgeous, its only a very tiny part of what Acapulco actually has to offer. Part of the magic of Anarchapulco in the early days was the ability to easily venture into the area surrounding the event to experience what Acapulco has to offer. As the event grew and moved further out of the main area of Acapulco, Anarchapulco lost this specific feature.

That is why when you make an event you can add the location to wherever you want it to be either in Acapulco, surrounding areas and during other times of the year worldwide. Want to have a bonfire at the beach? No problem. How about a group trip to the central market of Acapulco? Or a trip to the Botanical gardens of Acapulco? All of these things are possible with this event. Its really up to you.

Where should I stay during Agoraforko?

Since there is no set location, we highly recommend getting an airbnb or hotel somewhere in Bonfil or the greater Acapulco area. During Agoraforko, we expect the event to decentralize quite a bit and some may want to check out what the vibe is in the main bay of Acapulco for example, which is actually about 30 minutes away from Jardin Secreto where Anarchapulco’s main event is held.

When is it happening?

The official dates for Agoraforko are February 17-23rd, 2024. These are the dates in which you can expect the most attendees and involvement with the event. These are also the dates that Anarchapulco will advertise events for as well as help with ticketing on the main website. However, many people show up around a week before the event and stay for sometimes months after the event and the calendar will be open year round for people that want to continue to host events and keep the Agoraforko vibe going.

When should I post my event?

As soon as you decide to throw it. Want to have a workshop at your AirBNB on February 17, 2024? Post it now so people know its happening. The sooner you post the more likely you are to have high attendance.

Can we have multiple events at the same time?

There is the capability to schedule events during other events. We will not be gatekeeping when you can schedule events. Be aware that if you schedule your event while another one is happening, you will be competing for attendance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Agoraforko is intended to be a marketplace of ideas.

What kind of events are allowed?

Really anything that involves other people. It could be something small like getting drinks at a bar or going to a beach to surf. Or it can be a whole party at a mansion somewhere up on the hill, or really anything inbetween. I will say the most popular events during Anarchaforko 2018 were not simply talks or lectures but the hands on events. Either adventures or hands on workshops. But really, if you wanna make a speech somewhere, put it on the calendar with as much detail as possible as to what to expect and see what happens. Last year I had a lot of attendance at my local adventures to places like the Central Market, Jardin Botanico and Isla Roqueta. Others experienced high attendance to their workshops.

How can I get involved? 

Buy one of the tickets that provide access to this event. The only ticket that doesn't provide access to the event is the virtual ticket. Both the General Admission and VIP tickets provide access to the event.

Who do I have to ask to put on an event?

Absolutely no one. Once you buy a ticket, either VIP or General Admission found on the tickets page, you have access to the Agoraforko calendar and can add events as soon as they come to mind. You can also add events right before they happen although we suggest the sooner the better to make sure plenty of people can see it and plan for it.

How do I make an event?

Purchase a ticket, either VIP or General Admission from the tickets page and you will receive an email on how to access the Agoraforko Dashboard.

How do I see the calendar?

Purchase a ticket, either VIP or General Admission from the tickets page and you will receive an email on how to access the Agoraforko Dashboard.

How do I get a ticket put on the website?

Purchase a ticket, either VIP or General Admission from the tickets page and you will receive an email on how to access the Agoraforko Dashboard.

Can I edit events after I make them?

Yes to view and edit any events you’ve already submitted. The calendar automatically updates with your changes, as you make them.

How many events can I throw?

There is no limit on number of events. If you have the stamina, you could do something every day or even multiple things a day. Remember you have access year round so if for example you live in an area the rest of the year that has a lot of Anarchapulco/Agoraforko attendees you can put events on the calendar and continue to meet up any time of the year.

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