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Anarchapulco's Retreats 2022

This post was written by speaker and collaborator with Anarchapulco Pyasa Neko Siff in regards to the two retreats she will be hosting after Anarchapulco 2022 in Acapulco, Mexico.

Are you ready to activate your highest potential?

February 21-27 2022, Acapulco Mexico

This couples retreat is an experiential training designed for
men and women of all experience levels.

In a sensitive and caring container of healing and celebration,
you learn how you can:

~ Cultivate a Love & Intimacy which can endure time
~ Embody more fully your authentic Sensual Self-Expression
~ Express your needs/desires & Communicate in ways that
will promote deeper connection & understanding
~ Help each other heal old traumas and negative past
And experience:
~ Tantric Touch Explorations
~ Kundalini Activation Practices
~ A deeper connection with your true Desire

You will be invited to participate in partner and group
activities which may include Tantric Activations, Active
Meditations, Embodied Learning, Emotional Release,
Sound/Movement Integration, partner exercises, and voluntary
group sharing.

*All conscious touch explorations that take place will happen
with the partner you came with; you will not at any time be
expected to, or asked to, change partners.

*There will be no nudity or sexual activity/contact within the
group container.

This training is a unique opportunity to deep dive into your personal growth and development with your partner which will have the beneficial side-effect of bringing more harmony to the way you relate to yourself, your partner, and the world. 

“I just had the most fantastic sex! ... All those uncomfortable exercises Pyasa put us through actually worked!  During sex I could actually hear Pyasa’s voice saying “TAKE your pleasure!!” Kayle Koepke, LMHC

Sexual repression seems to be something that has been a thing for me throughout my life. It’s been very difficult for me to have a positive sexual relationship with a woman, because I’ve always felt so “locked up.” Orgasm to me amounted to sneaking off in solitude to experience a shameful act which should be behind closed doors.
Pyasa’s ‘UNLEASH’ was an eye opener for me – she showed me sex isn’t just about getting a boner and ejaculating.
Sex is about unleashing the raw emotion that is inside of us all. It’s about being and living and feeling.
Doug Barbieri

Also a separate retreat just for the ladies...
Sexual Healing Initiation & Celebration 

March 1–8 2022 Acapulco, Mexico 

This intimate women’s retreat is your opportunity to gain the skills and confidence you need to transform your experience of sexuality and create the life YOU desire.

The Intention: 

Supporting you to purge the trauma, shame, conditioning, false beliefs, & past hurts held in your emotional, energetic & physiological systems … so you can have the  full-bodied presence, PLEASURE & felt sense of safety in your body which will EMPOWER you to stand in your sexual sovereignty & enjoy the life & relationships you desire.

This life-changing work will take place within a container of trust, consent, and intimacy, nourished by the deep connection found within sisterhood. You will get to learn, play, be seen, heard, and held.
In this retreat you have the opportunity to …
– Develop Healthy Boundary Skills
– Learn & Practice Pelvic-Floor Release techniques 
– Release Trauma & Stagnant Emotions with Somatic Practices
– participate in other SENSE-ational embodied learning activities

You will leave transformed on a cellular level – oxytocin-filled, feeling inspired, AND …

Blissfully REWIRED for PLEASURE & JOY in your life, sexuality, and relationships!

“If you are truly ready to do some major healing you have found the correct guide. Please sign up! Do it for yourself - you are worthy of it!”  Tricia retreat participant 2021

“Pyasa is a force of nature – fierce compassion met with loving kindness. Her energy will awaken parts in you that you have yet to meet…” Candance retreat participant 2021
Send a message requesting to schedule a zoom meeting to meet Pyasa, learn more about this retreat, and find out if it’s the right fit for you. The cost is $3575 USD PER COUPLE with a max limit of 10 couples. Includes food and lodging in addition to the retreat. The price for the women's retreat will be shared soon. Both retreats include food and a place to stay for the duration of the retreat. Pyasa will refer those to purchase she thinks will best fit with the program. 

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