Anarchovid 4: Harvest is almost here!

You are cordially invited to our final Anarchovid, taking place on November 20th.

Some think we need to stop talking about this. We understand where that’s coming from. At Anarchapulco, we’re big into focusing on the positive world we want to create.

We want it to be over, but is it over? When Fauci is free, Biden is still president, and we don’t have Epstein’s client list? We believe in manifesting our future of light, but we also need to keep organizing, keep resisting, and remain aware of the darkness around us. Strong and conscious people need to come together and make plans if we want to live into that beautiful future we all envision.

More & more people have woken up. The masses are seeing through the hoax, and the elites are on the defensive. They’re begging for ‘Pandemic Amnesty’: “Let’s wipe the slate clean, we made some itty bitty mistakes:” Just lockdowns, sky-high suicide rates and overdoses, billions of children with emotional problems, 100 million more people living on less than $1.90/day, our sacred elders dying alone, forced genetic therapy for 5.42 billion men, women and children. Just democide, no biggie.

Above is a screenshot from James Fry's last Anarchovid speech, he will also be speaking at Anarchapulco 2023 Resist

Anarchapulco remembers. The elites are playing chess, and so are we. That’s why this final Anarchovid will be a plandemic round-up, where we hone our strategy to secure a checkmate for human freedom.

Anarchovid: Harvest will take place on November 20th. The first 10,000 tickets to Anarchovid are 100% free, so get yours before they run out. Anarchovid: Harvest will be hosted by Luis Fernando Mises, Free Market Advocate, Student of Shamanism and resident sound bowl guru.

Get your ticket now, and come home to your tribe. We need you as much as you need us.

Got your Anarchovid ticket and wondering what’s next? Join us this February for our in-person event. Anarchapulco is an amazing way to connect with a powerful community of freedom fighters from around the world! Get your ticket today.

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