Be Your Own Banker Workshop: Reborn X Spotlight: The Truth About Money with Andrew KaufmanBe Your Own Banker Workshop: Reborn X Spotlight:

Hey there,

Get ready to delve into the truth about money and negotiable instruments at the "Become Your Own Private Banker" workshop led by Andrew Kaufman.

Workshop Details:

Title: Become Your Own Private Banker: The Truth About Money and Negotiable Instruments Workshop

Led by: Andrew Kaufman

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Time: 11:20 AM - 12:50 PM

Duration: 90 Minutes

Investment: $97.00

In this eye-opening workshop, you'll gain insights into the creation of money, the use of negotiable instruments in everyday transactions, and the empowering knowledge needed to become a private banker, managing your own trust account. 

Topics covered include the history and current state of money in the USA, the Federal Reserve Act, the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, Uniform Commercial Code articles 3 and 4, types of negotiable instruments, negotiation, and much more. 

Gain a deeper understanding of money and prepare for financial empowerment.

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PS. This is just one of the many exciting workshops featured at the upcoming Anarchapulco Reborn X. For the full list of workshops and retreats select from the menu on the left. 

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