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Belief Busting: The Jedi Rebar Bend

Are you the Victim or the Sovereign?

The Victim complains and blames others for how they feel. ‘You made me feel insecure when you said that.’

The Sovereign takes responsibility for how they feel and has a developed sense of emotional intelligence. ‘I noticed I felt insecure when I heard you say that.’

The Victim believes life is happening TO them, denies personal responsibility for the things that happen in their lives, takes things personally and believes they have no control over life’s situations.

The Sovereign believes life is happening FOR them, claims their power to consciously create their life through mindful reflection, choices and decision making.

(The Sovereign may not ‘enjoy’ every life situation which arrives but they choose to use whatever shows up as a vehicle for growth and evolution.)

The Victim REACTS to life and can experience a relatively high volume of emotionally heavy states such as anger, sadness, and fear.

The Sovereign RESPONDS to life and can experience a high volume of empowerment, freedom, and gratitude.

Many of us are a mix of varying degrees of the Victim and the Sovereign at times and in different moments. If you struggle with victim mentality, it’s important to forgive yourself and know - victim mentality is often a trait learned from our role models in childhood or was developed as a way to cope with trauma from the past.

That said, if your CHOICE is to rise into your sovereign self – nobody can do it for you – breaking free of victim mentality is in your hands.

And, the great news is – you’ve got the power.


We’ve been conditioned to doubt our potential.
There gazillions of things we THINK we cannot do mainly because we’ve been TOLD we ‘can’t’ and we believe them. This keeps many people from living their dreams, & settling for a life of mediocrity.

Some moons ago, in my fire-walk instructor training, I learned fun ways to help people experience what it FEELS like to break through limiting beliefs with tools like Fire-walking, arrow & rebar bending with the throat… more recently telekinesis. From my experience, the keys to success with each of these feats are the same elements for creating the life you desire.
1. Connect with source.
2. Set your intention.
3. Breathe & Believe.
4. Maintain focus.
5. When FEAR arises saying you ‘can’t’ – QUESTION the belief (where/who did it come from?).
6. A FULL BODY ‘YES’ is required.
7. LET GO.

Remember - You are more powerful than you THINK.

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