Beth Martens | Anarchapulco | 5 Archetypes to Liberate the Full Force of Free Will

Despite the off-the-charts control measures over the populations in 2021, this is a time of great opportunity. Nothing is a given, but anything is possible, and everything has been promised to those who find their inner power. 

These false controllers use archetype code as a weapon of deception to infect the collective unconscious with artificial intelligence. It’s worked so well that the masses are willing to snuff out their own breath, inject poison in their arms, and become even more empty and numb to life. 

But in reality, archetype code is engineered in favor of living and breathing souls who know the truth and take responsibility for freedom, and who seek to live freely and do their good in the world. 

Once seen, the programming of the 4 archetypes that are weaponized against the people and creating world-wide disorder, can be uninstalled and free the breath of God that creates through them. With that freedom, is gained a clear direction and personal authority that stands in the Highest Court with unshakeable faith and the free will of choice.

In this talk, you will see how the Primal Power archetypes are intimately tied with the life that breathes in you. There’s no need to wake up sleeping people. But there’s a tremendous need to wake up sleeping power because victory over what is stealing the breath of life is in the hands of those who see the truth and release the full force of their free will.


For author, business coach, archetype reader, and coach trainer, Beth Martens’ calling is a life-or-death thing. After a decade as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, 8 trips to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer 20 years ago, she used archetypes to save her life. 

Today, she helps truth lovers find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, and survive the ordeals of their Hero’s Journey. As a recovering feminist, she hosts the King Hero’s Journey podcast, highlighting fearless leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of the truth.  

Visit her at to do a 10 minute King Hero or MerPreneur Archetype Quiz to learn where you are on the path of purpose. Her book, ‘Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness’ is available at and was published just in time for Anarchapulco 2020 when she presented there as well.

ANARCHAPULCO: 5 Archetypes to Liberate the Full Force of Free Will