Cacao Ceremony 2.5 hrs - A Journey Into The Heart Feb 13th: $50

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A few words about Cacao

The seed of the hearth

In ancient times, Cacao was considered the food of the gods, it was treated as sacred by the Aztecs and Mayans alike. It was so valuable that it was used as coin and had an important role in sacred rituals. The Cacao that our ancestors used, is now known as Criollo, it is the native Cacao of the south of Mexico and Central America. As chocolate became popular, production of Criollo Cacao gave way to the more sturdy Forastero variety, which was propagated throughout the world, as the more delicate Criollo variety lost favor among producers. This brought many native varieties to the brink of extinction. As with many other seeds, the disappearance of Criollo Cacao is not just an ecological tragedy, but the loss of a plant ally that has accompanied humanity for centuries, and has given us not just delicious and nutritious food, but also a powerful tool for opening the heart. Criollo Cacao, has a very unique chemical composition which is found in no other cacao variety. It’s high content of theobromine makes it a powerful plant due to its heart opening capacities and it’s energetic properties give us the opportunity to explore our inner world in a subtle and loving way..

What happens during a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect with yourself and feel the deep truth of who you are. This beautiful plant works in a very subtle way, opening the heart and allowing us to bring our consciousness to the present moment, and from this point, to connect to what we need, creating a bridge between mind and heart, it give us the gift of connecting to one of the deepest aspects of what makes us human; our capacity to feel.

Cacao is a facilitator that allows us to get in contact with the parts of ourselves that need healing, it invites us to look at ourselves and nourish those part that we have neglected as well as embrace new aspects of who we are. Every ceremony is different, since the experience is woven with and by the people who participate in the circle and the energy they bring into it. Music, meditation and sacred word circle help us move through the ceremony at a deeper than conscious level, as we remember how to listen to our hearts and connect to ourselves and others in a more loving way.

Who are we?

Juan Pablo Ruiz was born in Mexico City. Growing up in Mexico, he had the opportunity to get in touch with elders from his country’s tradition, this started nourishing his curiosity for the sacred and the invisible world. Later on in life, his search would bring him in contact with the path of sacred plants from South America and Mexico as well as with the tradition of the Red Path and the practice of vision quest.

In 2013 he had his first contact with cacao through a couple of friends who worked with the plant in a ceremonial context. A few months later, he met Anaite who had also been working with cacao and together they traveled to Guatemala where they found their teacher, with whom they established a deeper relationship with the plant. After this first encounter, they continued learning from him and eventually started sharing
ceremonies of their own.

Currently he lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, with his family. He facilitates cacao ceremonies, works as a painter, depicting power animals and plants from different traditions. He also works with plant spirit medicine and herbalism. Currently he is in the process of creating a fusion of artwork, energy work and plant medicine.

Azul Anaité was born in Guatemala and moved to Mexico at a young age. Thanks to her parents who worked with different indigenous groups and to her own inner calling, she established close relationship with a number of ancient tradition and became familiar with their essence and message. Later on in life she trained as an energy healer in a number different modalities. In 2013 she had her first contact with cacao and started a deep personal work with this sacred seed which would eventually bring her and Juan Pablo together, to work and share what they have gathered in their paths in their cacao ceremony.

Currently she lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico with her husband and 4 children, sharing cacao ceremonies and holding women circles with the intention of awakening the contact with the sacred feminine, in harmony with the sacred masculine.

About the project

Cacao Ancestral: Our dream and vision

Cacao Ancestral was born at the same time we decided to get together as a couple, we went to Guatemala, Anaité’s birth place, not really knowing what we where looking for and ended up finding way more than we expected. A few friends had talked to us about Cacao in the past and we had both had the opportunity to connect with it separately, Having experienced it’s heart opening qualities. we where both curious to see where it came from and who this chocolate shaman our friends kept talking about was. When we finally made it to lake Atitlan, we suddenly found ourselves sitting in this porch, decorated with traditional fabric from Guatemala, packed with people that had come from all sorts of places to drink some chocolate and see what this cacao ceremony was all about. In front of us was a modern version of Merlyn, a tall white haired man with deep blue eyes was looking at all of us. It was hard to tell how, but something in the atmosphere was different, the texture of thought and feeling had changed. We had entered sacred space, we had found our teachers.

A lot has happened since that first encounter, our project has evolved and changed, just as we have. The way we run ceremonies has evolved, we have integrated tools we have found to be useful, however, even if form changes the essence of the work is still the same, our intention is still the same: To help people remember. Remember that we are much more than we think, that we have the capacity to change our reality; by transforming out inner world, we transform the outer one.

We work together with a number of people to create meaningful experiences that can help people understand the real power and beauty they have, to reflect to one an other what we most need to see and remember, time and time again, that what we are looking for, is already here. As part of our project, we collaborate with a coop in Chiapas which is working to preserve Criollo Cacao and promote fair trade among the people who work to grow and maintains this seed. It is part of out mission to do what we can to help keep this treasure alive for future generations.