Cacti Awakening Ceremony: Get Your Ticket Now

Cacti Awakening Ceremony
Thursday, February 24th, 2022 
Acapulco, Mexico

Many years ago, the Huicholes of Northern Mexico faced a time of hardship.Food and water were scarce. They lived in the desert, so such shortages could be fatal.

The elders held a meeting. They decided to send out four young men to hunt and bring back whatever they could find. The young men represented the four elements: earth, air, water and fire. After a few days had passed, with no luck, the men came across a big blue deer. They chased it. The men eventually grew tired, and the deer felt sympathy for them and let them rest.

The next day, they resumed the hunt, and chased the deer into the mountains. One of the men saw an opening, and launched an arrow. The deer leapt behind a rock; the men followed. They were confused—The deer had disappeared, and where it had been, there was now a pile of cactus shaped in the form of the deer.

The young men picked the cactus and took it back to their tribe. They shared the peyote with the elders. As soon as the cactus was eaten, everyone’s thirst and hunger dissipated. Ever since, the Huicholes go on a Peyote hunt/vision quest once a year to honor the elders, find guidance, and cleanse spiritually.
Message from Macey:

Peyote has been a unique part of my 2021 spiritual evolution. This past November, I was invited to visit the Mexican desert and participate in a Peyote walk/vision quest with traditional Huichol Marekames. It was a wonderful, profound, humbling experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Peyote is one of my favorite plant teachers. It's a great medicine to begin your spiritual healing journey. 

With each ceremony, I learn to connect with spirit and with nature just a little more deeply. Peyote has brought peace into my life, especially when it comes to the challenges humanity is facing today. I have received messages explaining why we are experiencing what we are experiencing during these times, and where we are going if we choose to. It’s brought me to a place of acceptance with my imperfect self, and my imperfect life. It has brought me sincere joy, empathy and love for my fellow brothers and sisters. And lastly it has opened the realms of my hidden spiritual talents and gifts, and the remembrance of who I really am, and why I am here with these little human feet that walk passionately on this living, breathing planet. Simply put, Peyote has taught me to embrace every part of life. 

If you are going to be in Acapulco this February, consider sitting in sacred circle with us on the beach for an all night Peyote celebration, led by our beloved Marekame, Tonio.  Reconnect to yourself, to nature, and to life itself! 

Preparation 5 days before:

Do not have sex (that includes with yourself)No drugs of any kind (chemical or natural) such as LCD, cannabis, etc ...If you are taking any type of medication and you cannot stop taking it, we ask you to keep us informed.Eat a light diet (not red meat such as beef or pork), avoid irritants.Come with clear intentions:  you can bring letters, photos or things that you want to leave in the fire to transmute that energy and heal from trauma or events of the past. Tatwari (Grandfather fire) is not a garbage can,  so bring beautiful things you can offer with love.Bring beans, seeds, or rice as an offering to the fire

To live an extraordinary experience in Tuutu Huye (the flowered peyote path):

We will make a circle with an exit (this will be the only way to enter or exit the circle).Do not stay out of the circle for a long time.Inside the circle we walk in an anti-clockwise direction.During the songs of the Marakame, always be in your place in silence connecting to your intentions.

We hope to see you here! 

Many blessings.

Macey from the Anarchapulco team
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