Canada Prison State

Things are getting dark in Canada.
The election results are in: 19.65% of those eligible voted for Justin Trudeau, and he lost the popular vote. But he’s still in charge! Go Statism!

With this resounding level of support, he’s making good on his promise to divide Canada into a two-tiered society, with one tier becoming prisoners in their own country.

Planes, trains and ships

Pretty soon, unvaccinated Canadians will be stuck in Canada.

Here’s the plan:
Planes: From October 30th to November 30th, you’ll need either proof of vaccination or negative test to fly out. After November 30th, the unvaxxed will be grounded.
Land: Canada’s only land border is with the US. Biden announced that as of January, unvaccinated foreigners will be banned—essential reason or no.Water: The unvaccinated won’t be allowed on ships with more than twelve crew members. Smaller ships might be a way out, but unvaccinated Canadians won’t be allowed to take trains to the coast. And it’s unclear whether the unvaccinated will be allowed to refuel on the US coast.
At the provincial and local levels, the unvaccinated are being banned from restaurants, gyms, public gatherings, universities, and in Oakville, Ontario, from the institution of marriage.

Things are looking grim. But we at Anarchapulco haven’t forgotten our amazing people in Canada.

We are here to help

If you have any ideas on how we can support our Canadian community at this time, please email us at [email protected]. We’re in this together, and no member of our community is getting left behind.

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