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With Kenny Palurintano Feb 15


About the workshop:

Ever wanted to make cheesecake, fudge, or pudding using only fresh, whole-food ingredients? Want to learn how to appease your sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on the rest of your body?

Let's explore the world of delicious, simple, raw, vegan desserts!

This workshop will be made up of three key pieces:
1. Going over the recipe for 4 raw, vegan desserts (samples for each)
2. Discussing the health benefits of some of the key ingredients, and an introduction to some wonderful tropical fruits
3. Open dialogue/Q&A throughout the workshop on mindful eating, minimalism, and any other questions folks have



Date: February 15th

Start Time: 1:00pm

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ANARCHAWAKEN STAGE, Princessa 1&2

Max Tickets Available: 200


From your host, Kenny Palurintano:

About 6 years ago, after decades of attempting to be somewhat “normal” in a wholly sick & oppressive society, I had an epiphany moment (thanks psilocybin) and my life has been dedicated to healing my own trauma, personal growth, being of service, and raising the consciousness of Planet Earth.

I travel the world holding space for healing (my own and that of others), cooking organic plant foods, producing transformational events, promoting revolutionary music, creating content, philosophizing, and working to be the most joyful & potent version of me that I can. Among other things, I have a passion for learning & teaching about mindfulness, authentic living, alternative economic & community models, reprogramming our brains, and everything else I find that empowers humanity and leads to liberation.

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