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Dr. Ben Tapper and the "Disinformation Dozen"

We’ve got two pieces of big news.

Check out this debate from Anarchapulco 2021 with Ben Tapper and Isaac Lindenberger

One: Dr. Ben Tapper will be joining us once again to speak at Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable!
Two: Dr. Tapper has been labelled as one of the “Disinformation Dozen” by the so-called “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH). 
The “Disinformation Dozen” are apparently responsible for 2/3rds of all “disinformation” (we can’t emphasize those sarcasm quotes enough) on social media. The CCDH is calling for social media companies to yank these dozen people off their platforms. Joe Biden has validated this blacklist, making reference to it in a recent speech. Other members of the “disinformation dozen” include Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Rashid Buttar.

On Dr. Ben Tapper....

Who is this Dr. Ben Tapper that the CCDH are so intent on driving from the public sphere?

Dr. Ben Tapper began his health journey after surviving a car accident in his sophomore year of college. A doctor told him he’d never be physically active again. He said of this time, “I became my diagnosis. I gained weight, felt depressed and didn’t know what to do.” Things changed when he met a chiropractor who offered a different approach and mentality. Ben recovered, and discovered a passion for chiropractics.

Dr. Tapper opposes mask mandates, despises government coercion, and supports vaccine choice. While he acknowledges that medicines can be lifesaving, he believes that health has more to do with lifestyle than high-tech medical interventions. As he says on his Twitter, “The healthiest of people don’t vaccinate, take zero medications, avoid fast food, exercise, and practice prayer and meditation. The establishment knows this. That’s why they are targeting the unhealthy with a year of free donuts to get the vaccine.”

Some of his views are more radical: he’s made the claim that viruses can’t survive outside the body, and that coronavirus is a false flag operation designed to change society as we know it. But if society’s approach to challenging ideas is to drive their speakers from the public sphere, what does that say about society?

As Dr. Ben Tapper said on his Twitter before his account was suspended: “What termites are to the tree, censorship is to the truth.”

On the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)

Now. What is this “Center for Countering Digital Hate” so intent on censoring Dr. Tapper?

The CCDH was founded in 2018 by Imran Ahmed, an advisor and activist within the British Labour Party, who was involved in trying to remove Jeremy Corbin as party leader. Many of its members have been active in the Labour Party, and one, chair of the Board Simon Clark, was a member of the Center for American Progress, a think tank closely linked with the US Democratic party. In the past they’ve called for the censorship of:

In part due to their campaigns, Katie Hopkins and David Icke were banned from Twitter, ZeroHedge was removed from Google Ads, and now Dr. Ben Tapper has been removed from Twitter.

For all intents and purposes, the CCDH can be considered the censorship wing of the Anglo-American center-left establishment. Their policies move the world in the direction of uniform thought and lockstep speech. We’re not about to let that happen!

On Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable

Sick of censorship? We’ve got good news-- Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable will be a censorship-free, uncensorable event, with all the thoughts, opinions and ideas social media companies are trying to drive off the air!

This five day event will feature speakers with the juiciest, most dangerous, and most challenging ideas in the world. The conference will last for five days, with each day divided into five topics:

  • Philosophy/Activism
  • Media/Community
  • Health/Spirituality
  • Crypto/Agorism
  • Lifestyle/Off-grid

The conference will include free breakfast and lunch, an open bar, a beautiful venue, transportation to and from the event, and a hopping nightlife. You won’t want to miss it!

Click here to secure your spot. Spaces are limited, so get yours before they run out!

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