Dr. Natalie Dyer, PhD | Anarchapulco & Anarchovid | Triumphing Over the Psychological Warfare of the Pandemic

Dr. Natalie Dyer, PhD, is a research scientist studying the therapeutic effects of integrative medicine and spiritual practices, including yoga, mindfulness, Reiki, and psychedelics for a variety of health conditions. She completed her doctorate in neuroscience at Queen’s University and postdoctoral fellowships in psychology at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Natalie is also President of the non-profit organization the Center for Reiki Research. She has published many scientific papers and presented her research to diverse audiences throughout North America and Europe. Together with over 300 other scientists and physicians, Natalie was the first signee of the Manifesto for a Postmaterialist Science, a declaration for science to expand beyond the outdated materialist paradigm. Natalie is also an energy medicine practitioner and teacher of Usui Reiki and North American, European, and Tibetan shamanic practices.

ANARCHOVID: Triumphing Over the Psychological Warfare of the Pandemic