Dropping Out of the Matrix

Looking for help dropping out of the matrix?

We were blown away by the response to our Canada email! Dozens of messages came in, packed with insight, practical tips, and heartfelt stories.

We’ve put together the following guide out of advice from emails, knowledge from our team members, and general research.

Update on Canada

On October 30th, Canada implemented its vaccine passport for travel on planes, trains and boats. However, it’s still possible to leave Canada at this time. As of now:

  • You can fly out of the country unvaccinated, if you have a negative covid molecular test taken within 72 hours. These regulations are confusing, as this grace period is listed as being only for those “in the process of getting vaccinated.” However, the only documentation they are asking for is the test. This grace period will remain in place until November 30th (as in, the 29th is the final day).
  • You can travel over the land border to the US if you are unvaccinated and have an essential reason. Essential reasons include work and medical (full list can be found here). This will remain in place until January.
  • You can fly into the US without an essential reason until November 8th, with a PCR test.
  • Unvaccinated foreign nationals can fly out of Canada until February 28th with only a PCR test. However, the definition of a foreign national is unclear (you might not qualify if you’re a Canadian citizen).

More ways out may become clear as these restrictions are put into practice. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Further Support

We’re launching a Telegram group focused on practical advice for those looking to emigrate out of Canada, or anyone navigating emigration or covid restrictions more generally. You can join here.

Anarchapulco’s Exclusive Guide to Mexico

If you want to experience “the real Mexico,” while still enjoying many Western amenities, as well as a thriving expat community, Acapulco is your place. Acapulco has become a big-time center for medicine ceremonies, consciousness community, and spiritual retreats.

In Acapulco, you get to experience nature close-up, as the city is built right on the Pacific Ocean (if you wanna get into surfing, this is your spot). Anarchapulco takes place here, and as the world changes, more and more of our community members are choosing to make Acapulco their full-time home. Many expats choose to live in the beachside community of Bonfil. If you’re going to live in Acapulco, you better like the heat, because it gets HOT.

Our favorite spots:

  • Bambuddha Holistic Health Center
  • Verde Vegan
  • Zibu’s
State of Michoacan

Michoacan is like Oregon in climate, but warmer—a nice, temperate mid-point, with no need for climate control. Michoacan is the terminal point for butterfly migration, which you can experience at the magical Ocampo. People are friendly and open, and the vibe is very un-touristy. The quality of the food is excellent, from produce to meat. You can get everything you could get in a big city, with few mask restrictions, and no forced vaccines. There’s also abundant farmland, which bodes well for a crisis. Michoacan could be called the craft capital of Mexico, as many artisans live here.

Within Michoacan, we recommend the town of Morelia: for a city of this size, it’s dense with amenities, including great coffee shops, cool markets, abundant restaurants and many candy shops—Morelia’s been called the candy capital of Mexico.

Our favorite spots:

  • Café Chai
  • Candy shops in Morelia
  • Ocampo 

If you want big city vibes, Guadalajara is a strong choice. Guadalajara is a city of millions, and like all big cities, it offers variety and convenience: ethnic food of all stripes, professional services, fast laundry, ecstatic dances, and abundant Ubers. It has a large expat community, including one focused on cryptocurrency.

Guadalajara is a great city for walking, and has several large parks. It has a calmer energy than Mexico City, and is known for being one of the safer locations in Mexico (though it’s still important to take precautions). Through the pandemic Guadalajara has been less strict on covid policy than Mexico City.

Our favorite spots:

  • Café Caligari
  • Res Publica 
  • Bosque Los Colomos Park

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is beautiful. If you want to look around and see something breathtaking everywhere you turn, San Miguel is a great choice. The food is delicious, and the city is built on a bed of quartz, providing a calming energy. There are a ton of expats in San Miguel, and they tend to be middle-aged and up. However, the covid rules are strong. When walking down the street, it’s common to see a sea of masked faces. Covid rules in San Miguel are strictly enforced.

Our favorite spots:

  • Mercado Sano
  • Café Rustica
  • Dila's Restaurant


If you’re looking for a starting point in Mexico, Anarchapulco is a great place to land. Here you’ll meet expats from all over the world, and get to benefit from their breadth of experience. Further, the Anarchapulco crowd is top-quality: we’ve got freedom-lovers, cutting-edge thinkers, and high vibe spiritual masters.

Anarchapulco takes place from February 14th–18th and includes:

  • Delicious breakfast and lunch
  • An open bar
  • Top speakers on everything from homesteading, to survivalism, to health, to technological sovereignty. 
  • Beautiful beaches, amazing parties, hoping music

Click here to reserve your ticket today!

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