Anarchapulco 2022 Orlando Private Flight Deposit

Are you ready to fly to Anarchapulco in style?

Glitz up and touch down on the Mexican Riviera. This year we’re offering non-stop flights on a private jet to Anarchapulco. 

No queues, no line, no waiting: instead, private airports, private aircraft, private transport! Concierge service available for the discerning few who want access to this unique VIP experience.

This is truly a "Once in a Lifetime Must Do!" A richly amazing experience you will remember for years to come!! (All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual aircraft will vary due to product availability)

How it works

We’ll be crowd funding exclusive chartered flight from three locations in the US:

  • Orlando → Acapulco, $11,400 USD, round trip
  • Austin → Acapulco, $8,650 USD, round trip
  • LA → Acapulco, $12,100 USD, round trip

Flight will depart Saturday February 12th, and will return Sunday February 20th. One-way flights may be a possibility: email us for more info.

Note that prices may fluctuate slightly depending on the market.

How to gain access to a seat:

  1. Pay a deposit on either the LA, the Austin, or the Orlando flight
  2. Sometime during the week of January 12th, we’ll email you a link where you can pay the rest of the crowd sale price. It’s crucial that you pay within 24 hours of getting this link.
  3. Show up at the airport on the 12th, and enjoy your flight!

Note: With your ticket, you will be automatically enrolled as a Silver member of Freedom Travel Alliance! To learn more or activate your membership please reach out to [email protected].

This $5000 deposit is non-refundable. This is non-negotiable—come illness, disaster, or apocalypse, we can’t refund the deposit or the ticket itself.

There are only about 10 spots available per flight so book yours today (Orlando, LA, Austin)!

ALSO: If you still haven’t bought your Anarchapulco ticket, there’s no time like the present! Join us for amazing speakers, parties in paradise, and the #1 freedom community on the planet. Get your ticket here.


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