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Anarchapulco isn’t just about delivering top-quality downloads about the state of the world: our other major passion is practical skillbuilding.

And what better way to build your skills than with a top-quality workshop?

You asked, we delivered: this year we’re bringing in more workshops than ever before, free and paid alike!

***Please note: if you haven’t purchased a General Admission or VIP ticket, you can’t attend an Anarchapulco workshop. If you purchase a workshop without a ticket, you risk forfeiting the price of the workshop.

Without further ado, here’s our workshop list for Anarchapulco 2023, along with prices:

Tumin, Local Currency Workshop with Juan Castro Soto, FREE

This workshop by Juan Castro Soto is to explain how the local currency "Túmin" works in different towns of Mexico, as a way to facilitate daily trade amongst small producers and merchants, without government intervention.

The Way of Water with Andrew Kaufman, $67

In “The Way of Water” Dr. Andrew Kaufman introduces the modern revolution of water science and explains its key implications for our health.

Meditation, the first and last Freedom with Vinaya Siff, $33
Bringing awareness into what meditation really is. Not an "action" but a non-doing way of "being in meditation."
The Workshop includes Information, an active Meditation to experience silence and awareness and tools to incorporate this into your life.

Belief Busting: The Jedi Rebar Bend Workshop with Pyasa Neko Siff, $65
If you joined me for last year’s telekinesis workshop - or if you missed out and saw everyone showing off their bent spoons – you won’t want to miss this year’s workshop as I take BREAKING THROUGH LIMITING BELIEFS to a whole new level!

How to Treat Snakebites, Wounds, and External Infections with Home Medicine with Marjorie Wildcraft, $50
In this hands-on demonstration workshop you’ll learn how to treat snake bites, wounds, and external infections with simple herbal medicines you can easily grow yourself. These techniques have been used for thousands of years and are still extremely effective. Not only will we do some actual medicine making but I'll share real world experiences I've had with fun and lively stories of healing myself and others with these simple herbal solutions.

Becoming Free of Internal and External Parasites with Eileen McKusick, $120
Join Eileen for this workshop where you will learn how to remove and guard against internal, external, and hierarchical parasites. To do this we need to be in integrity inside and out, and sound is an effective tool to maintain this balance. Learn about electric heath and the many ways that you can take your own electric healthcare into your own hands.

Compassionate Communication for New Earth with Becca Tzigany, $49
All of us were born into a Dominator Culture and were programmed by a trauma-based mind-control system.
In this experiential workshop, we will be practicing listening, EQ (emotional intelligence),  relational reality, and the principles of NonViolent Communication (Compassionate Communication).

Become a volunteer. Fighting and preventing fires with Belegui Elanor, $31
This 3-hour workshop is designed to learn the basic principles that form and constitute a volunteer firefighter: Fundamental training, active awareness and peripheral vision, first aid, basic fire control methods and tools in forest, grassland and domestic environments, as well as learning the techniques for forest fire prevention.

Earthship Skills Training: Intro To Off Grid Water And Energy with Chad Schwartz, $70
An introduction to the world of off grid living in regards to basic utilities.  A mixture of knowledge and hands-on experience with off grid water, solar electricity, waste management, passive food production, and more! This is ONLY an introduction and basic training with these concepts.  We will not go in depth this first time.

Making Anarchy Mainstream with Larken Rose, $100
"Making Anarchy Mainstream" is a three-hour seminar designed to teach people WHY they should speak up, WHAT message to spread, and HOW to spread it, in order to most effectively and enjoyably help voluntaryism and a stateless society become widely understood, accepted, and then adopted, not just by some "freedom movement," but by humanity as a whole.

The Nomad's Guide to the Galaxy with Danny Sessom and Jona Price, $49
The In’s & Out’s to Living a Truly RV Nomadic Lifestyle.

Basics of Detoxing and Energy Healing Technology with Carrie Madej, $149
1) Review causes of dis-ease and solutions. You will learn some simple ways by which you can help your body heal and stay healthy. Focus will be on ways to remove the artificial or toxic elements that have been introduced from the environment which may be blocking the body's ability to maintain its healthy balance.
2) Educate on new energy technologies that are available to assist the body in healing (and helped me to recover from a plane crash!)
3) Learn ways to identify imbalances in your body - in person demonstration

Orphanage Food Independence with Brent Kaufman, $100
Learn about the Marsh Children’s Home Food Independence Program. How we are building a farm to support the sovereignty of a local orphanage here in Acapulco.
Attendees will learn:

  • Basics of Permaculture
  • How to plan a functional garden
  • Build hydroponic tower garden
  • Maintain hydroponic system
  • Select perfect crops
  • Find local garden resources
  • Farming philanthropy

Ecstatic Dance Ceremony with Becca Tzigany, $24
Ecstatic Dance is a community dance ritual, based on ancient traditions in which our ancestors danced to pray, heal, seek visions, and express mourning as well as celebration.  It is free expression, so each person can move as he/she wishes...or not move at all, until something (the music, an emotion) moves them.  The participant can experience emotional release, altered states, ecstasy, or just a fun exercise.  Because this is a Medicine Circle (the medicine is music, breath, & movement), we open sacred space on time, and do not allow drop-ins once the music has started.

Circling the Squares with Tasha Lindsay and Colin Cantrell, FREE
Workshop participants will learn to graph magic squares as circles as a meditation technique and potential trauma healing modality. We will also introduce a new classification we have discovered we call "master squares", and provide handouts for you to graph them at home! There are a lot of uses of magic squares that we are still discovering, so come join us to help in the discovery!

Decentralized Social Architecture with Colin Cantrell, FREE
Come join us in a workshop that will outline how to implement decentralized social architectures within your organization. We will provide visuals, protocols, and architectures that can be used to create self-managing organizations. It was designed to overcome social-scalability issues in open DAO's, malicious actors trying to manipulate or infiltrate system, and as the foundation of a true bottom-up meritocracy.

Whole Life Detox with Catherine Bleish Bonandin, $150
In this course, Catherine will take you along on her journey to reclaim sovereign authority over her mind, soul, finances, home, and health.
Your workbook for this course will take you through a one year plan that allows you to take a serious look at the state of your life, and will give you a step by step plan to shift what is not working.

Sovereign Body Language - Experiential Workshop with Agnieszka Evenson, $16
With a unique combination of skills and alternative education, some brought along through generations of ancestors, Agnieszka can see deeper when she looks at your face and body. She can help you see what is going on with you on the subconscious level by looking at your face and body.

Becoming water with Amapola Nava, $60 - $100
Before we are born we live in the water. In our mothers womb we feel the world throw the vital liquid that maintains us warm and safe. There the external world is attenuated and our bodies can focus on self growth. In this session we will try to reach that same state. Through breathing, movement on the water and breath hold, we will start to abstract ourselves from external stimuli and try to listen to our inner self. We will spend some time in the water looking at our thoughts and feelings without judging.

Beginners Juggling with Ohtocani Alvarez, $35
Juggling boosts brain development, learning to juggle accelerates the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement, and vision. We will see the basic patterns of toss juggling which are the cascade, the shower and the fountain.

Wildlife Conservation - Liberate Baby Turtles Adventure, $25
This is your chance to release baby turtles into the sea!
Tickets Include:

  • 1 baby turtle liberation
  • 1 coconut or bottle of water
  • *1 shuttle ride to/from turtle sanctuary (walking distance from main event)

Support Local Orphanage: Marsh Children's Home Tour, $100
This is your chance to support the local orphanage, the Marsh Children's Home!
Take a tour of the famous home Anarchapulco has been sponsoring for years.
Learn about how 70 indigenous children are living right down the street from Anarchapulco.
Learn about the Marsh Children's Home Food Independence program by Brent Kaufman, sponsored by Anarchapulco

Our workshops fill up quickly - if any feel like a “Hell yes,” best not to delay!
And if you haven’t bought your ticket, there’s no better moment than the present. Get your Anarchapulco General Admission or VIP ticket today, and hone your skills with friends and tribe in Acapulco this February!

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