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You’ve got options.
Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable will be held at the Jardin Secreto, a lush venue in the beautiful beachside community of Bonfil. We’ll be located 20 minutes east of Acapulco, 10 minutes from the airport. 

We’ve brainstormed ideas for accommodations: 
CondosApartments and houses, walking distance from the Jardin SecretoOptions on AirBnb. Click here to see moreA stay in a hotel, such as...
The Mishol Hotel

Located right on the beach in Barra Vieja (about 12 minutes from Bonfil), the Mishol hotel is a great choice. We’ll be offering shuttle services to and from the hotel all the conference. Enjoy sun, pool, beach and great food during your stay! 

Visit www.mishol.com or call/text +52 744 136 5161 on WHATSAPP to reserve your room. 


Throughout the conference, we’ll be offering shuttles to and from popular accommodation spots and Jardin Secreto. Shuttle services will run from 7:50am to 1pm, and 2pm to 6pm. Our shuttles will be stopping at: 

Princess Hotel 
The Mishol Hotel
The Oxxo in Bonfil
Another location on the other end of Bonfil

Note: You can only access the event via the shuttle service or with a parking pass of which there are only 30 available. The Secret Garden  has a very strict limit based on local covid restrictions so for that reason only people who have VIP access are authorized to be on the property during the event. We are guests at the Secret Garden, please respect that. 

Here's a link for parking passes: Click Here

Special offer!!

Take note! Volunteer tickets are officially ON SALE

Stoked on Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable, but can’t afford the ticket price? Consider joining the team as an Anarchapulco volunteer!

These tickets are be heavily discounted, sold at cost, in exchange for 20 hours of volunteer labor throughout the event. 

Click one of the following links for the volunteer tickets.

Registration Volunteer
Vendor Volunteer
Shuttle Volunteer

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