Two Incredible Ways To Connect

You’ll always hear us say it: the best part of Anarchapulco is the people. That’s why we’re organizing two special events, both oriented towards meeting Anarchapulco’s greatest doers and shakers.

The Ron Paul Formal Dinner

Join us for a night on the beach with none other than Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Ron truly stands alone among US politicians, and his accomplishments include:
Opposing the War in Iraq, and all other US imperial warsCalling for the US Federal Reserve to be auditedSupporting a major downsizing of the federal governmentCalling for all drugs to be legalized (including hard drugs)Supporting the elimination of the Defence Department
The Ron Paul Formal Dinner will take place on the beach, so wear beachwear formal (flip flop formal). Tickets include music, shuttles to the event, and a sumptuous family-style meal. The event will also feature the hit comedy stylings of Nancy Reed!

Tickets come in singles or couples versions.

Meeting of the Minds

Anarchapulco isn’t just about going to amazing parties, building powerful friendships, and exploring exciting love connections: it’s also about business and co-creation.

Meeting of the Minds is Anarchapulco’s first exclusive networking event. Speakers, sponsors and production team will attend, as well as our most successful attendees. If you’ve got a business or idea you’re trying to co-create, this event is not to be missed.

Meeting of the Minds will take place at beautiful Bambuddha, and dress code is beachwear formal (flip flop formal). Tapa style dinner included!

Tickets come in singles or couples versions.

If you want to get the most out of your Anarchapulco experience, these events are the way to go! See you on the beach next week in Acapulco.

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