The Key to Lasting Weight Loss & Increased Energy Feb 15


About the workshop:

FAST was a four-letter word for Gina Carr - until she learned the right way to do it and why it is so important for a long, healthy, vibrant life. In this fun workshop, you will learn how fasting is associated with increased health and longevity. You’ll also learn how to fast without feeling deprived. Your body will thank you for attending this session and getting a step-by-step guide to boost your metabolism by closing your feeding window.



Date: February 15th

Start Time: 3:30pm

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Location: ANARCHAWAKEN STAGE, Princessa 1&2

Max Tickets Available: 500


About your host, Gina Carr:

Having lost over 50 pounds from evidence-based living, Gina Carr’s passion is fueled by her knowledge that she will never have a weight problem again and the discovery that plant-based eating might have saved her teenage son from suicidal depression. In addition to the gift of “permanent” weight loss, plants have given her the ability to live consistent with her values of compassion towards all living beings and peace of mind knowing that she is unlikely to suffer from most of the common ailments of our time like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

She’s sick and tired of seeing loved ones suffer and die needlessly because they don’t know the truth about what they are putting into their bodies. She’s on a mission to help people learn the about the power of food to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

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