Is your body language revealing your secrets? Reborn X Spotlight

Hey there,

There is one ability that can help you in every aspect of life. It’s not running fast or jumping… it’s the ability to keep your personal power within. 

The key is creating a type of inner sovereignity that keeps you from interference from the outside

When you stop fragmenting yourself to other people’s whims you will be able to keep your power and stand strong no matter what happens in life. 

If this sounds interesting make sure to sign up for Agnieszka’s workshops and attend her talk. 

Agnieszka teaches two workshops this week:

Own Your Body Language Workshop 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 from 10am -11 am

Transformative Face Reading Workshop

Wednesday February 14, 2024 12:10 pm- 1:10 pm

Agnieszka will also present from stage on Friday just before noon. 

Your habitual patterns are written all over your body, do you want to find out what they are telling everyone?

PS. This is just one of the many exciting workshops featured at the upcoming Anarchapulco Reborn X. For the full list of workshops and retreats select from the menu on the left. 

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