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Kambo Ceremony with Dr. Purdhy Feb. 13th- $180

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What is Kambo?

"Kambo is an Ancient and powerful Medicine used for thousands of years by the Amazonian Tribes people. In Ceremonial space this poison from the Giant Waxy Green Tree Frog is delivered directly into the lymphatic system through small burns on the skin. It quickly disseminates throughout the system releasing toxins into the stomach which are eliminated through strong purging. Intense but short, this profound detoxification offers a complete reset physically, mentally and energetically.

Traditionally used by Hunters before stalking prey in the Jungle, this is a Warriors Medicine and invites one to remember the forgotten strength focus and stamina already within., Kambo is designed to get you back to YOU, releasing all that keeps you from full alignment.

The combined physical and Mental detox makes this Medicine perfect for all manner of Disease including: chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, low immunity, bad circulation, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, infertility and so much more...

What are the benefits?

Profound detox, complete reset of whole body - HPA axis (includes hormones, sleep cycle, appetite regulation, mitochondrial activity, metabolic rate, increased energy levels), chronic pain reduction, increased immune function etc etc... for a more comprehensive list and any further questions visit www.iakp.org and read up. Of course, you are also welcome to email me personally after your research.

How should you prepare?

You will be required to abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs 24hours before and after the Ceremony. You will fast from solid foods for 7hrs prior to arrival time.

You will be required to drink a total of 3-4litres of water during the Ceremony to assist in the purging process. Make sure you've had a good nights sleep to be strong for the Medicine."

Guided by Dr. Purdhy